Mexican Superstitions- Purse on the Floor


My son put my purse on the floor! If you’re a Mexican mama like me you may have grown up hearing to NEVER put a purse on the floor. Why? You loose money. It’s almost like you’re asking for your money to disappear. 

I laughed then but the fear was engraved so deep that now I catch myself picking up my purse and making sure I never leave it on the floor. 

Recently, I asked Little Man to grab my purse from my bedroom. He raced up the stairs, grabbed my purse, rushed over to me and since my hands were full he set it down on the floor and walked away. 

I screamed! Pick up my purse!!! I couldn’t believe I was now pushing my superstitions on my kid. But it happened so fast! He looked at me like I was losing my mind. He picked up my purse waited for me to grab it and asked WHY?

I said “well they say you should never put you’re purse or anyone’s purse on the floor because you lose money” I giggled with him because I sounded so dumb saying this but hey it’s what my family believed. 

He didn’t get it and i doubt he ever will but hey at least he knows now never to put my purse on the floor, right?

Join me on Periscope to chat all about superstitions

I’ll be sharing more of my Mexican Superstitions on Periscope! If you have the app join me as we chat about the things we grew up believing that may not be so true… or are they?



What superstitions do you believe in?

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