Back to School With Lance Quick Starts

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Lance Snacks. All thoughts are my own.Back-to-school-with-lance-quick-starts-granola

Monday mornings are usually a real drag. No one wants to get up on time and in result we run late! I no longer dread Monday mornings with the family. I can now compromise on a quick morning snack on the go to ease us into the school week. I don’t feel guilty giving them and also enjoying Lance Quick Starts. Lance Quick Starts are a great morning breakfast Biscuit with flavors my kids enjoy!

Why Lance Quick Starts?

Lance Quick Starts are a breakfast biscuit sandwich. Made of two baked crackers with a delicious filling, they offer protein, whole grains, B-vitamins and fiber! It’s an easy way to get fueled in the morning especially when my kids need it. Especially when they taste so delicious!

GUB Family Lance Quick Starts favorites


Lance Quick Starts  are now available in eight sweet and savory flavors:

  •  Cinnamon Roll- The hubs and I favorite flavor- it’s sweet and we love cinnamon and sugar!
  •  Chocolate Crème (new flavor)- Kids love this flavor and is there go to when adding a snack to their backpack. 
  •  Vanilla Greek Yogurt (new flavor)- My personal favorite. I enjoy this as a quick snack on the go. You can find these in my purse
  •  Everything Bagel (new flavor)- The hubs personal favorite. He enjoys the savory flavor.

Back-to-school-with-lance-quick-starts-breakfast-flavors Back-to-school-with-lance-quick-starts-yogurt flavors Back-to-school-with-lance-quick-starts-savory-flavorspsd

other great flavors include:

  •  Blueberry Muffin
  • Bacon Cheddar (new flavor)
  • Raspberry Greek Yogurt (new flavor)
  • Maple French Toast
  • Blueberry Muffin

Much like other Lance Cracker Sandwiches we love, Lance Quick Starts come in a box with 5 individually wrapped packs containing 6 cracker sandwiches. 

Enter the Giveaway

I’m happy to add variety to our already favorite Lance Cracker Sandwich Favorites. My family is enjoying these Lance Quick Starts Cracker sandwiches this Back to School season while on the go! You can too

Lance Sandwich Crackers Prize Pack + $50 Gift Card

Learn  more about Lance Quick Starts + nutrition facts at


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