Fall Family Moments with AT&T + LG G4 {GIVEAWAY}

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with AT&T. All thoughts are my own. fall family moments with LG G4 and ATT

It’s officially our favorite season, FALL! Ever since moving to NJ, I’ve fallen in love with Fall. Our family enjoys the most of the chilly weather, beautiful nature changes and of course fall family moments! I’m happy we were sent an AT&T LG G4 to capture all our family moments and we can’t wait to share with you all!

Fall Family Moments with the kiddos

fall family moments-

I enjoy giving the kids things to do and just sitting back and seeing them get messy! I loved playing with dough as a kid while my Nana made tortillas. I may not be making tortillas for the family but it’s the same joy in my kids faces when I let them play with the squishy dough! Not to mention the sweet treats they end up making for mama! Yummy cookies!

Baking fall family moments

fall family moments- baking cookies

I sat back and watched them punch out pumpkin shaped cookies. Dad helped us stick them in the oven. They didn’t turn out much like pumpkins but theres nothing a little frosting and sprinkles can’t fix! They were so delicious and the kids enjoyed every minute making them. 

fall family moments- hanging out

I enjoy taking time out to document our time because I want my home to be filled with love and joy. I want my kids to grow up and remember the fun of the seasons. I want fall season to mean love, family time, family fun, and filled with so much joy. I know they enjoy baking and making beautiful arts and crafts for our home. I’m happy I had my LG G4 with me to capture all these precious family moments!

Capture your Fall Family Moments 

fall family moments with LG G4 device giveaway

5 steps to capture your family moments:

  1. Plan an activity and let the family go at it for a few minutes without you. 
  2. Stand back, pull out your phone and capture photos
  3. Remember to get photos of the family together and then some up close of everyone individually! 
  4. Upload and share
  5. Print and enjoy!


We want one of our GUB readers to have a chance to capture their fall family moments too! Enter to win a phone just like the one that helped us capture all our family moments The LG G4 from AT&T!

About LG G4:

5.5″ IPS Quantum display
Gently curved design
8MP selfie camera
16MP rear-facing camera

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