My Husband’s Daily Rituals for Self Care with Lubriderm

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Self care with lubriderm


When I first met my husband I was surprised to see him take such great care of himself. His skin care routine was better than mine. Now that we’ve been married for over 8 years I learned what things he likes to do daily in a particular order and his skin care is included. My husband has quite the daily rituals when it comes to self care but if i’m honest i’m pretty jealous he’s so committed to the little things that have made such a difference.

I recently questioned him as I do on many things as we get ready for the day. I asked him “What keeps you on this ritual” He acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about and I said “You’ve always had a thing with lotion!” His reply like most answers was simple “I don’t like dry skin” He said “The Navy kept my hands rough” 

My hubs simple daily rituals


He usually grabs 3 things on his way downstairs. A pump of Lubriderm Men’s lotion, his belt, and his brush. I find him lathering up with lotion and sometimes going back for more. He continues to want healthy skin. His belt comes on next and last he brushes his hair on the way out the door. The daily rituals are so simple but they keep him happy!  


He’s been loving Lubriderm’s fresh scented deodorizing lotion. It doesn’t make him feel greasy and enjoys the long lasting scent that helps him stay fresh!  


 The hubs has enjoyed keeping his skin healthy or as he likes to say “so fresh and so clean” I’m glad small habits have helped him keep a daily ritual for everyday self care. I’m more excited he’s enjoyed the  Men’s Sport lotion by Lubriderm. 

lubriderm men's lotion

Does the man in your life have daily rituals when it comes to self care? Aside from the daily hygienic habits, what does the special man in your life enjoy doing daily?

Find other great Men’s lotion by Lubriderm in fresh scents, light fragrance and Fragrance free! Men’s lotion by Lubriderm also come sin 3-1 lotion for Body Face and Post-shave! The hubs is a huge fan of fragrance free after shaving! 

lubriderm for men

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