Star Wars Celebration: #ForceFriday Finds at Walmart

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.force-friday-finds-at-walmart-star-wars

Did you celebrate #ForceFriday? I feel like the whole internet knew and was celebrating. I had to admit. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but my boys are! So little lady and I joined in the celebration because the hubs and Little Man were so excited to see all the new Star Wars action figures!  

force friday celebration at walmart-Tweet

 We headed to our local Walmart and noticed the most adorable emojis when we tweeted! I knew this was going to be a big celebration!

force friday celebration at walmart

When we arrived at Walmart we were greeted with balloons, cupcakes, a free collectable, and of course loads of Star Wars toys! Even I was excited to see all the amazing toys. My boys had so many favorites!

force friday event at walmart

As we waited for Midnight the crowd of Star Wars fans excited for ForceFriday grew! But my kids were content with their cupcakes! The cupcakes we got are from Walmart’s bakery and were super cute with matching theme decor and colors! My kids were happy to be eating sweets at Midnight! 

force friday celebration at walmart-

When Midnight struck the fans went crazy! Most were there for the action figures including my hubs. He is into collecting and wants Little Man have Finn action figures in his collection because he’s one of the new black guys in The Force Awakens.  But hey there were so many great action figures we had to pick up a few! 

force friday finds at walmart-action figures

Walmart has different price point action figures for play and collecting. My boys were super happy!

force friday pop walmart exclusive

 I really wanted this Walmart exclusive Funko POP! Sandtrooper and Dewback it was a 2pk and so cute!

But the ForceFriday Star Wars  fun didn’t just stop in the toy department. We’ve found great finds all around our Walmart Store!

force friday star wars band-aidsforce friday find- coffee creamer

 I loved playing eye spy Star Wars edition with the kids. We found Band-aids, cheese crackers, and coffee creamers!! 

Did you pickup any #ForceFriday goods? Let us know!  

walmart disclosure

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