Summer Exploring in a Hyundai Sonata

Disclosure: I was loaned a Hyundai Sonata for review purposes only.

family-summer-exploring-hyundao-sonataOur family was pretty busy the last few weeks before school started this summer. We had a late start to the fun but we were determined to have a good time. Lucky for us our family friendly Hyundai Sonata came just in time for all the fun. On our list of fun we had, picnics, adventures across the waterfront, and daily family life. When traveling with the kids we look to have comfortable, smooth, and accommodating features.  


From running errands and heading off to gymnastics we had the kids buckled up with plenty of room to spare in the Hyundai Sonata. Their favorite part was being able to be independent. With easy to buckle seat belts and easy accessible car doors when getting on. 

Hyundai-sonata-interiorThe hubs and I loved how spacious it was for our family making travel very comfortable. My favorite part was the bluetooth capabilities and separate air temps. The hubs is always cold and I am always hot! The hubs liked the keyless entry and sport/eco/regular driving modes and how easy they were to switch to. 

Hyundai-sonata-family-friendlyOur favorite adventure was going to explore Philly. Summer exploring in Philly is an all day adventure. We shopped early for a picnic and loved how spacious the trunk was. 



Summer-Exploring-philly-Hyundai-sonataOur ride into the city was beautiful. As we went over the bridge into Philly from Jersey I was please how accomodating our trip had already been. From comfortable temps for everyone, satellite radio at our finger tips, and easy to navigate GPS.  

family-fun-phillyOur family enjoyed a picnic by the waterfront. Fun at a roller rink, and lots of fun around Penn’s landing! 


Our return home was peaceful. I took a look in the review on our way home and felt so incredibly happy to have made so many memories over the summer including our trip to Philly in the Hyundai Sonata. 

What does comfort mean to your family when it comes to a vehicle?

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