10 Tips for a Healthier Family in Just 10 minutes

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Our family is on a mission to be healthier! In efforts to make a better life for ourselves and our family we have been making small changes in our daily routine and it all starts with just 10 minutes! That’s right, 10 minutes to a healthier you! We’ve found a few different ways to keep our family healthy because it all starts at home! Here are 10 tips for a healthier family in just 10 minutes!



These first two tips are all about what we eat. Think about the healthy changes and how they alter cooking time and the food we consume! These changes take less than 10 minutes to adopt and add to your daily routine. 

1- Make changes to breakfast! – Try Yogurt with toppings instead of sugary cereal and switch to whole grain bread! 

2- Use cooking spray instead of oil when cooking. Try coconut oil or olive oil cooking spray to prepare meals for the family. 


3- Make a smoothie -Instead of a sugary drink try a smoothie and make it cold  by adding frozen fruit and ice! Our family loves making their own smoothies. set up the fruit and veggies and let everyone make their own! 

4- Take vitamins- Our family enjoys gummy vitamins we all remind each other every morning to take our vitamins! They help us kick start our day! This takes less than 5 minutes for our family and it keeps us healthy! 


5- Walk to school or school bus stop- Take a morning walk with the kids instead of driving. Walk or race back home after school! This takes us less than 10 minutes and we enjoy our time with no electronics just nature and a little conversation! 

6- Play outdoors- Play hide and seek or tag this get’s you active and it’s so fun! 10 minutes of fun outdoors with the whole family!


7- Ride Bikes- Take a family bike ride around the neighborhood quick 10 minute bike ride make it a race at a park!


8- Practice a sport- Our family loves to play baseball we love to catch and bat with the kids. Make it a challenge how many home runs or goals can you score in 10 minutes?

9- Dance while you clean- Saturdays are family clean up day we crank up the music and make it a dance off! 10 minutes is at least 2 good songs Make it a challenge who can clean the fastest while dancing in 10 minutes! 

10-Put the electronics down even if just for 10 minutes-  Have a conversation and look at each other in the face. Communication is a big part of our journey to a healthier family. 

How are you keeping your family healthier in just 10 minutes?


Walmart wants to help! On October 10th America’s Biggest Health Fair will be taking place at your local Walmart! With just 10 minutes of your time you can start your journey to a good, better, or greater health!

from noon to 4 p.m. Walmart’s across the U.S.  will be holding America’s Biggest Health Fair. During the event you can get free:

  • Blood glucose and blood pressure tests
  • Vision screenings
  • Product samples
  • Health insurance information
  • Immunizations administered by Walmart’s more than 17,000 licensed pharmacists.

What can you do in 10 minutes at Walmart to make your life healthier?

  • It takes 10 minutes or less to get your blood pressure taken and your blood glucose checked.
  • It takes 10 minutes to get a flu shot 
  • In just 10 minutes, you can get a vision screening and your eyeglasses cleaned and adjusted for free.
  • Shopping at Walmart for just 10 minutes burns 35 calories.

Take the #JUST10 challenge: 

Just 10 minutes can make your life healthier! So Walmart is Challenging us all on 10.10 tweet with us using #JUST10 by give us your best use of 10 minutes for a healthier life!

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