Breast Cancer Aweareness: Celebrating My Mother In Law

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post as a participant in the LUBRIDERM®Ambassadorship program. All thoughts are my own.  GUBlife Breast Cancer awareness

I still remember the day I found out cancer ran in my husband’s family. We were sitting at our OBGYN’s office and she was going thru a series of questions asking us about our family history with diseases. When the hubs said yes to cancer and went on to explain. I sat there in shock and with so many questions.

Now that we have kids I find it extremely important to learn our family history but also celebrate our survivors. 

October is best know for Breast Cancer Awareness but to us it’s a chance to celebrate my Mother In Law. It’s a reminder of what she’s overcome being a two time cancer survivor.

My Mother In Law was diagnosed in Feb 1999 with Breast Cancer soon after she had surgery, chemo and radiation. By Christmas Eve of 99 she was declared cancer free. But not long after in 2002 she was diagnosed with Uterine cancer. She’s been thru a lot!

I’ve seen the scars from chemo, i’ve now heard her stories and i’m so glad she’s still here with us. As a two time cancer survivor I choose to celebrate her and to continue to spread awareness of the importance of getting annual check ups and learning family history.

I was happy to partner up with Lubriderm, Aveeno, And Neutrogena to put together a spa gift basket for my Mother in Law. And to encourage others to get checked, surprise someone going thru treatment or  honor someone who has survived Breast Cancer. More importantly I encourage you to learn your family history with cancer! It may not affect you but it could be passed down to your children!

Celebrating a Breast Cancer Survivor 

lubriderm neutrogena aveeno gift basket

In the basket i’ve included:

-Body Care: The treatments are harsh and irritate the body to extreme pain. My Mother In Law still has scarring. They almost look like burn scars. 

  • Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair Body Lotion and Daily Moisture Lotion with Sunscreen
  • Aveeno lotion and body wash

-Face Care: Some face wipes From Neutrogena Naturals collection and Daily Moisturizer. Also some lip care like a lipblam to keep lips moisturized.

-Special Treats- Because this should include personal items and fun spa like items i’ve included:

  • comfy throw
  • comfy slippers
  • a luffa
  • chocolate
  • Perfume

Remember Breast Cancer isn’t subject to one month of awareness so do a self check monthly and if you do find a lump contact your doctor immediately. 

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