I’m Blackxican

Little Man

Last week Little Man came home with a homework assignment that lead us into a discussion about being Blackxican. The kids have heard time and again that daddy is Black/African American and Mom is Mexican and that they are Blackxican!

Little Man’s homework was about sharing what a parent does for a living. This was a bit hard to explain because the kids know I work from home but they think i’m just mom who works on the computer. 

Little Man said “Mom works on the computer, makes food and takes pictures of it, and we go to fun places and do vlogs!” Pretty accurate! I needed him to know it was more than that. I needed him to understand why GUB started!

We talked about what I do, why it’s important, and why I do it! We also got into getting his definition of what being Blackxican is. His answer filled my heart with so much joy because you want your kids to be proud of being mixed-heritage and learn to identify and he’s finally able to share in his own words! 

I’m Blackxican that means my mom is Mexican and my dad is Black

I’ve always said it’s our job as parents to teach our kids about their heritage but more importantly encourage identity. For a while Little Man would say he was just Mexican. That was easier for him. Now as a bright 7 year old he’s happy to tell you he’s Blackxican because his dads Black and mom is Mexican! 

When we discussed why it’s important he said “OHHHHHHH so people know we are both ya mom because there are other kids like me right?” 

As much as we say that our kids don’t need toys, entertainment, and people to relate to, THEY DO! Because when they find other kids like them, they get excited! 

We answered a few questions and filled in a few of the blanks. I wanted to document it and here is the video:

P.S. This was little man’s first time editing his own video. He was so excited to add titles, his own music (created on Launchpad IOS app) and  learned how to upload to our youtube page! I can’t wait for him to take over the video editing portion of our Blog! In due time right? heehee

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