Meet Ashley Our My Life As Doll

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms life as doll-gublife

Little Lady has been more into playtime and her imagination is too fun not to play along. I was an only girl in my family so I find it to be so fun to have a daughter and able to play with her! Our most recent adventures were with Ashley! She’s a My Life As Doll and such a pretty girl!

Little Lady keeps asking for a puppy. Unfortunately, that’s not something we can give her so why not play into her imagination with Ashley the Dog Walker! 

my life as doll-GUB

Little Lady named her doll Ashley. She loves to brush her hair and play with her tiny pups! 

What I love most about The My Life As Dolls is how diverse they are. From skin color to hair texture! We received an African American doll with long curly hair. There are other themed dolls like ballerinas, cheerleaders and campers! 


my life as doll

My Life As Doll, Ashley comes with three puppies. Two puppies come with removable stylish leashes!  The Dog Walker also comes with a few pet accessories like a pet brush, 2 dog bones and a box of treats!  My Life As Dolls are also very stylish! The clothing fits all dolls and of course removable as well as the shoes. Her body like all other My Life As Dolls,  is 18″inches tall, come with posable hands and feet as well as a soft torso. 

Take a look at this video where little lady and I share more about Ashley! 

Gift a My Life As Dolls this Holiday Season!

My Life As Dolls are available at your local Walmart and make such a great gift this holiday season! My Life As Dolls are ready to play out the box and retail between $27.97-$39.44! Also, find additional accessories like strollers, bed, and clothing sets at Walmart too! 

walmart disclosure

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