Community Baby Shower- Making Life Better for Baby

community baby shower

It finally happened!!! I’m so excited to share what an amazing experience it was to serve my community. As you know I’m a Pamper’s Baby Board Member and I believe in making life better for baby. I was sent on a mission to help out whatever cause, organization, or families to make life better for baby. 

For me making life better for baby means not stressing about the essentials and being able to focus on good parenting! Being a parent comes with so much responsibility and while everything isn’t always sunshines and rainbows bringing a healthy happy baby into the world is a parent’s priority. But in the case of some parents in Camden that isn’t the only stressful part. Most times, it starts when a mother is pregnant. This is why I was happy to team up with Camden Healthy Start to make life better for baby in our community!

Community Baby Shower- pampers betterforbaby

The Community was more than just gifts it was truly a celebration for 8 expecting moms who were part of the program. We had great information from the WIC program on breastfeeding, Healthy Insurance company on prenatal education/services, a Family Team Doula on labor with a present partner and techniques for smooth delivery and of course fun games and gifts! 

It truly was an amazing day filled with so much excitement, love, and blessings! 

Community Baby Shower- giving gifts

Each mom was gifted a Camden Healthy Start hospital bag with essentials, story time basket with books, blanket and baby products, and with the Pampers grant we were able to supply moms with 2 boxes of Pampers diapers, 1 box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes and A snow suit perfect for the harsh weather this winter! We also received products for baby hygiene from our friends at Aveeno Baby and Johnson’s Baby as well as Lubriderm for mom! 

 The games were education and fun. We played a diaper change and swaddle relay record time was impressive! We had the parents play “The Price is Right” to learn the true cost of baby items. We also had a storytelling game to help parents get creative with story time and to promote Family Literacy. The brothers and sisters to be were also entertained in awesome activities from onsie designing to arts and crafts. It was all so amazing to be a part of! 

Community Baby Shower- Cake

 Congratulations to all the Camden Healthy Starts Moms! We hope you have a safe delivery and Happy baby! 

I can’t wait for the next to community baby showers to come. I look forward to sharing more on how we make life better for baby in Camden, NJ! 

 Check out the day in action! I Vlogged the day watch it here:

See more photos of the Mom’s from this Baby Shower. Two of which had little babies less than 2 weeks old! I should also mention 2 moms went into labor that week and one the day of the baby shower! So exciting! 

Camden Healthy Start threw a baby shower for new and expecting moms this weekend at the Kroc Center – Camden. Here are…

Posted by Camden Healthy Start on Monday, November 16, 2015

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  1. Sherolde Smith says

    Thank you so much for your support of the Camden Healthy Start Baby Shower. Working with you is beyond words…you are kind, hard-working, and superior in your compassion for others. You are the best example of Horace Mann’s quote, “Be ashamed to die until you have done something for humanity.”

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