Star Wars Epic Weekend: Battlefront

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms 

It’s Star Wars Epic Weekend! Are you awaiting all things Star Wars this holiday season? If feels like that at our house! The hubs is the Star Wars fan and I’ve been staying up to date on all things Star Wars including gaming!

If you visited your local Walmart and are an avid gamer, you may have seen the promotion for this awesome weekend. 3000 Walmart stores have Star Wars Battlefront set up for play in the electronics entertainment department! That’s right, you have a chance to play before the release!!!


We attended our Walmart’s Epic Weekend Friday and saw all the goods they had. It was cool to be able to play the game before it comes out. 

This is awesome because the hubs was on the fence about getting this game for him and little man to play. Now after playing the game before release I know he’s going to pick it up!


Our store had balloons over the area designated for play and so many cool toys for Star Wars lovers perfect for the holidays! 

They had stools to sit and play the game- This was awesome for my gaming loving hubs who got to play for a bit while I shopped around!


As a take home goodie there were posters, booklets, coloring sheets, and collector discs like the ones we got at the Star Wars Force Friday toy event! Gotta collect them all right? 


Find out if your local Walmart is one of the 3000 hosting Star Wars Epic Weekend now thru 11/16

Pre Launch Day is Monday, November 16th !!!

Star Wars Battlefront is available for preorder with exclusive trading discs for $59.96

Battlefront will be available for XboxOne and PS4 and Walmart will also have the deluxe edition for 69.96.

Head on over to Walmart and #ShowUsYourForce 

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