Holiday DIY: Kids Holiday Place Setting


I mentioned how I wanted to make things very special for our family this year especially during our time together at dinner. I like making memories, following traditions, and making others feel very special- This includes my babies. I’ve created Holiday DIY Personalized Name Place Settings for each family member. I made the kiddos place setting super cute with these personalized reindeers. 

How to make Reindeer Personalized Name Place Setting


To make these reindeers you will need paper towel roll (One roll will make 2 reindeer), Skill sticks or popsicle sticks, acrylic paint in black and brown, a paint brush, Tacky Glue, Kraft Paper or card-stock, wiggly eyes, glitter, and a glue gun. 


Cut each of the paper towel rolls in half or a little less than half you want each tube to be at least 3inches tall. Cut half circles at the bottom to distinguish the front and back.

Cut two squares 3inx3in from the kraft paper and make your own reindeer face ( it’s like an upside down triangle or a V with long hands)

Paint the face and the body tube brown. Use thin layers of paint for fast drying. 

Paint the feet and the nose of the reindeer. The feet are the ends of the tube and the nose of the reindeer is the tip of the v or upside down triangle of the face.  


Using the glue gun, add glue to the craft stick and glue in the inside of the body tube.  Repeat for second antler. 

Add Tacky glue to the tip of the nose and sprinkle glitter. This is optional but it makes the reindeers super cute!

Glue the face with glue gun on to the body tube. Only add glue to the center of the face so it can stand out from body tube.

Add some wiggly eyes too. 

Make your tag by cutting a rectangle from the kraft paper. Cut a triangle on the tip to make it a flag. Add Tacky glue and sprinkle glitter. With a marker personalize it with a name or initials. 

Using the glue gun adhere to the name tag to the back of the face. 


Keep these reindeers standing or place them on the plate with a napkin thru them. They make adorable place settings and make the kiddos feel extra special on the holidays. 


How do you make the holidays special for your kids?

Love our DIY pin it to your holiday inspiration board


Make the Adults feel special too with this Holiday DIY gold place setting:


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