Snapchat: Telling Our Story



Are you on Snapchat?

Did you know I’ve been sharing more about our family and daily life over on Snapchat? I like to give you a closer look of what our day is like by going “beyond the blog” and telling you my story. 

I have Maya of MayaintheMoment and Monique of CurvesandChaos to thank for my love of Snapchat. Since I got the 411 I’ve learned how magical and important it is for me as a blogger to be on Snapchat.  I’ve since convinced many friends including my Bestie, Xenia of RaisedbyCulture why Snapchat is where it’s at. In the words of my bestie, “I’m better on snapchat!” It’s so true! 

This is why i’m so excited to share that I’ll be chatting on Periscope about how I use Snapchat to tell my story and how you can too!

rubydw snapchat 

Join me for my very first #LatinaScopes with Latina Bloggers Connect on their Periscope @lbconnect

Thursday, Dec. 17th at 11am PST /2pm EST 

This will be the Last #LatinaScopes for 2015 and I’m honored and excited to be able to jump on Periscope to talk about Snapchat!

I hope you’ll join us! Come on in and ask questions and see why Snapchat has quickly become my favorite social network!


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