Walmart Pickup: Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Disclosure: This Walmart Pickup post is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.


We’re racing against the clock! We have only a few weeks before Christmas is here! Have you finished all your holiday shopping? I’m almost done but I can’t spill the beans yet on all my awesome gifts! So I want to share why I gifted myself a little something and how I’ve enjoyed using Walmart Pickup!

I’ve used Walmart Pickup  a few times and i’m liking the experience more each time especially when it comes to Holiday Shopping! Here are my three reasons to use Walmart Pickup for your holiday shopping! 

Walmart Pickup Today and Site to Store


Shop and find out if the product you want is available at your local Walmart. Order it online and choose Pickup Today to have the item ready same day!  I love being able to know that my item is at my local store waiting for me! The process makes shopping online so much easier. Also, Site to store is another favorite. I knew I needed this Dutch Oven for a holiday recipe. My store didn’t have the color I wanted so I ordered online and got it delivered site to store for pickup at my local store. 

Faster Pickup with Mobile App


Walmart has updated their app and now store Pickup is easier. The moment I pulled into the parking lot I opened the app. From the comfort of my car, I clicked store pick up and let them know I was ready to pick up my product. They then alert you to let you know your item is being pulled and you will be called. Fast service I tell you! Be sure to download the app

Secure Pickup + Walmart helps keep Secrets 

walmart-pickup-holidays walmart-pickup-gifts-in-store  

Associates are great at asking for I.D. to make sure the person picking up the item is the one on the list. Yes, you can add names of who you would like to pick up your item if you can’t make it. 

I like that Walmart gives you items in boxes. They show you your product is in the box and they keep it in the box. In case little ones are with you and you’re trying to keep a Santa Surprise. The box is labeled with a sticker but in my box I had another box of my actual product with a small label to ensure that was the product I purchased! 

My Walmart Pickup visits are always my shortest visits. I walk in, pickup my item and walk out so fast! It’s nice when I have a list of errands and little time to waste! 

Have you tried Walmart Pickup?

Give it a try this holiday season at! 

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