Cold and Flu Season: DIY Get Well Soon Pack

Disclosure: This Cold and Flu post is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.cold and flu season- get well soon pack 

It’s cold and flu season and we are ready for whatever comes our way! I’ve learned from being a mom that you never know when cold and flu season will take over your family so it’s important to stay prepared! I created a Get Well Soon Pack that I keep stocked during this season. It’s filled with disinfecting items and meds that will help during the cold and flu season.

I shop at Walmart for all my must have items.  Walmart has all the items I need to combat the Cold and Flu season. Aside from having a pharmacy, I love how the aisles are labeled making cold and flu meds easy to find. Be sure to visit the travel section too for personal disinfecting and sanitizing items. These are a must for our pack.

I store all my items in a cute little basket to keep on hand when the cold and flu arrives. 

Check out my quick haul where I mention some of my favorite items to add to our DIY Get Well Soon Pack as well as some new favorites!

Get Well Soon Pack Must Have Items:

Clorox Wipes- to wipe of areas that are touched or sneezed on.

Germ X hand sanitizer- Perfect for big and small hands alike to constantly keep sanitized!

Lysol Disinfecting spray- Perfect for clearing the air and other areas in your home. 

Halls- Perfect for soothing that tickle in your throat when the cold and flu start. Try the citrus flavor with  daily dose of Vitamin C

Kleenex Wallets - for that runny nose try the individual wallet packs perfect for pockets. 

Emergen-C - Try something new we are trying this to help prevent the cold and flu season when we feel the scratch throat. It has a high dose of Vitamin C! 

Your Meds- We keep Nyquil, Tylenol, and Zicam on hand. Keep these in your pack. They are a great reminder in the event that you need to stock up. It’s always during this time that we find out meds are expired when we need them most.  

How do you combat the Cold and Flu Season?


cold flu season get well soon pack

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