Family Meals: Six 30min or Less Meals

family meals in 30min or less

We are 15 days into the new year and I’ve implemented what I learned from 2015 to create a more focused to balanced life. This means i’ve gotten creative with my time and family meals made in 30min or less have gained me more time with the family.

Gone are the days where I sat and wished for a balanced life. The reality is balance only comes after you plan for that life. And you can’t have a plan without specific focus. Right? I’m doing things a little different this 2016! I wear many hats from being a mom, a wife, and of course myself. My brain is now focused on thinking and making space for things to apply under family, work, and self-care!

I started planning my year to be more purposeful and soon realized I love themes! Every month in my planner I have a focus words to keep me on track especially with the extra things I like to get into. For January, my focus word is THRIVE! I want to thrive in at least one of each of my life roles. 

word of the month Jan THRIVE

For family, I want to be more present. I want to cook more but also spend more time with the family. This goes hand in hand because I can spend more time with the family if I plan my family meals with 3 things in mind; make ahead, quick and easy, and 30-mins or less! 

So today I’m sharing some of my go to recipes that have allowed me to be more present with my family.

Six Flavorful 30min or less Family Meals 

I did a series of recipes for Lawry’s over the summer for their Mom’s Who Know “The Guide” These are some of my favorite family meals because they’re easy, the family enjoys them and they allow me to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family! They’re also very flavorful and like I mentioned 

ground beef corn and zucchini steak and potatoes lemon pepper chicken baja chipotle chicken sliders baked taco pockets baked chicken and parmesan strips

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