The Doll Evolved: Diversity For Our Kids


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Last month, something magical was revealed that would make diversity for our kids in dolls more accessible . After many years of working on this project Barbie announced #TheDollEvolves. With 3 new body shapes- Curvy, Petit, and Tall I finally saw something that  was so important to me. I finally saw Diversity in the dolls. Yes! Diversity for our kids!

You have seen us share Barbie playtime thru the #BarbieProject so you know how much diversity and relatable dolls mean for my kids. It’s been exciting to see the changes and share my views on Barbie when asked to join The Barbie Global Advisory Council. It’s not that I need a doll to look like my kids. I needed a doll that my kids could see diversity in. And now, Barbie offers 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles!

diversity for our kids the doll evolved- barbie

When I hear little lady play with little man, they reenact our daily lives. Our family is Mixed Heritage and they want to see it thru the toys and dolls they play with. 

 When Barbie shared the You Can Be Anything campaign I thought of course! But my reality was I need my girl to see it in a way she can relate! I bring focus to it by sharing photos of mixed families, African Americans and Latinos in career jobs that don’t seem as diverse! But now playtime with Barbie has added a whole new component to our visual experience of dreaming it, believing it and seeing it! Yes you can be anything because here we are during playtime with a curly hair doll with beautiful dark skin Dreaming of being an Astronaut, Baker and even a Gymnast! 

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We want to bring diversity into your home! As a way of celebrating Mixed Heritage Week and How Barbie has evolved the GUBfamily would personally like to donate a $30 gift card for so you too can purchase a Fashionista doll or two and more! We invite you to enter and one of our lucky winner will be selected to win!
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