Dream Big and Fearless

Dream Big Little Lady
It’s International Women’s Day let us all dream big and fearless! I was Inspired by the video #OneDayIWill by Google to celebrate the woman my daughter will become. It spoke to me in ways that reminded me of the dreams I had as a kid and the dreams my daughter shares with me often because One day she will become all the great things she longs to be.

When I was a kid I remember wanting to fly, climb trees, work with marine mammals, become a marine mammologist and one day even a teacher! I dreamt big and I even made sacrifices at a young age. I gave up seafood tho I was never a fan but that’s beside the point. I never had anyone tell me my dreams were silly or too big. I loved being able to share them and I held on tight to my dreams because I knew One day I would be something great!

Now at the tender age of 5, I love that Little Lady dreams big. She is fearless when it comes to what she hopes to be one day. She has so many exciting plans for her future. When I hear her speak I get excited for her because she smiles big and her eyes open up wide with excitement.

I asked her to share a few of her dreams using the sentence “One day I will” Here is what she had to share:

One Day She Will

One day I will be a Gymnast I will tumble and dance

One day I will be an artist ohhhh a watercolor artist.

One day I will save my money and buy all my friends movie tickets.

One day I will be a teacher and teach kids in first grade

Dream Big and Fearless My Little Lady


I hope for the day that she becomes all that she longs to be. I will celebrate her as a girl, a daughter, a young lady, and one day a woman! Today I hope all women around the world are as fearless, honest and excited as my Little Lady when it comes to dreaming.

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