Kid-Friendly Space Adventure Lunch

Disclosure: This Space Adventure Lunch post is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

space adventure lunch

I love getting creative with meals, especially with the kiddos. Yes, I’m the mom that makes bunny pancakes, cookie-cutter shaped sandwiches and themed meals.  I recently received a package with all sorts of new products which included space adventure pasta! This is when I got the bright idea of making a space adventure lunch for the kiddos but one the hubs and I could enjoy too! 

new-products at Walmart

Being a part of the Walmart Moms has allowed me to try new products available at Walmart. A few weeks ago I received this box. In the box, I was sent 7 items to try. First, I saw the Space Adventure pasta this was the whole inspiration behind my kid friendly space themed lunch came about. Then a few other items that I knew my family would love- A pouch of ranch dressing and the Jiff Creamy Peanut Butter Bars. Some new products for our family to really try were the Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, Panera Balsamic Vinaigrette, Yum Yum Sauce, and Seafood Bisque pouch. I liked being able to try products my family wouldn’t normally pick up at Walmart. I recommend using the coconut milk in a dessert or smoothie! We highly recommend the Space Adventure Pasta it’s delicious! The Jiff Bars are a great snack option and the pouch of Kraft Classic Ranch is great as an alternative to mayo in a sandwich plus it’s great for on the go picnics and lunches.  See how we put our space adventure lunch together! 

How to make a Space Adventure Lunch for kids

 Space Adventures lunch- Ingredients

 To start You will need 

Space Adventure Mac Salad 

– Space Adventure Pasta

– mayo, mustard, sweet relish

-veggies (broccoli slaw works great + sliced black olives)

Star Sandwich

– Bread

-lunch meat- ham + cheese

-Pouch of Kraft Classic Ranch

One hard boiled egg

star cookie cutter

Space Adventures Lunch- Star Sandwich Space Adventures Lunch- Star Sandwich- Ranch Dressing

Individually cut the bread, ham, and cheese with the cookie cutter. Use classic ranch to the bread to add a creamy zesty taste to your sandwiches! 

space adventure pasta kid friendly space adventure lunch- mac salad veggies

For the salad boil your pasta and don’t forget to salt it! I love the Space Adventure Pasta because it’s made with real spinach and tomatoes. It’s 100% all  natural ingredients, GMO free, and no added salt and sugar! The shapes are so cute and so delicious. 

After your pasta is done, strain and allow it to cool. Once cooled add your mayo, mustard, and sweet relish lighly mix until well combined then mix in your veggies. It’s that easy but so delicious. My kids love mac salad. We usually add a hardboiled egg to the mac salad too. 

kid friendly space adventure lunch- mac salad

Once your salad is mixed you’ll see how adorable all the shapes look! I add the Space Adventure pasta salad to a container, with the star sandwich, and a hard boiled egg to represent the moon! It’s that easy! Don’t forget a sweet snack those Jiff Bars are already coming in handy for school lunches! 

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