Spanish Journey: Spanish 2 Oral Exam

oral exam spanish 2 marcus PASSED

The hubs is committed to learning Spanish as we continue his Spanish Journey. Last we shared it was fall semester and he was taking Spanish 1 as he started his adventure to learning to speak Spanish. He’s since passed Spanish 1 and is taking Spanish 2 this spring semester. He’s been working very hard and is understanding so much more. All the hard work is finally paying off! He just took his first oral exam of the semester!

He just finished spring break and returned to school to take his first oral exam for Spanish 2. I was nervous for him. There are things he still gets mixed up but this exam was based on emotions and complete sentence replies. 

Some of the  questions were:

Que haces para no estar nervioso antes de un examen? // What do you do to not be nervous before an exam?

Que te gusta hacer cuando estas triste? // What do you like to do when you are sad?

Quien es un deportista famoso y que hace?// Who is a famous sportsman and what do they do?

And my favorite 

Conoces un buen restaurante? cual?// Do you know a good restaurant?

This one was my favorite because he knew his answer right away. It’s cool to see him get excited about things he can communicate in another language. P.S. his recommendation was Tacos el Gordo in San Diego CA he loves tacos de adobada! 

While he had most of the responses memorized he had difficulty with the order of the words. I made him some flash cards and that seemed to help gather his response and help with the order of the words. 

oral exam spanish 2 marcus

He called me after his exam and told me he scored a 98! I couldn’t be more excited and proud of him!!!

I may get frustrated and Snapchat his crazy answers to some Spanish questions  when we do homework but I’m so proud of the hubs! He could have chosen any other language but we discussed how important it was for our family to be bilingual. He’s enjoying it and he inspires me to speak more Spanish.  I hope it continues to become a norm in our family to speak Spanglish and eventually everyone can contribute to a conversation in Spanish. 

Thank you Amor, for planting the seed to our Bilingual family journey. 

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