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Disclosure: This Welcome Garden post is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. bad patch of landscape

You see this mess? Ya, this is the front of my home. It’s not welcoming and it screams help every time I walk by. I wanted to transform it in an easy and affordable way. I envisioned a bright colored welcome garden in this little space I have available. Lucky for me the hubs has a green thumb. I knew we could take on this project together. 

It was Earth Day and we headed to our local Walmart to see what they had. The hubs has been obsessed with the garden center at Walmart. He’s gotten some awesome herbs and veggies. One thing we had never  purchased were flowers.  

How it came together Gardening Project


Here’s how you can create your own!

affordable welcome garden

We picked up a couple of bags of Garden Soil, some bags of mulch, and then flower shopping we went. If you know me I’m pretty indecisive. I can’t just choose one so I went with three! We spotted flowers in an assortment of colors and a variety of prices great for my budget!  Walmart’s Garden Center has everything to get you started on this project.

 I ended up going with the smaller flowers. They were bright and beautiful and if I’m honest only $0.97! Ya cents!!! Since I picked 3 flowers, we went a little overboard and got a pallet of each, that’s 12 plants of each!  I wanted my Welcome Garden to look full. 

welcome garden

When we got home, we removed the debris, shoveled dirt around to make space for the garden soil and put down the new dark mulch. 

The hubs watered the soil and we began to lay out the flowers. 

colorful and bright welcome garden

We are pattern people so we kept it all pretty the same. Tall flowers in the back, my favorite marigolds in the middle, and these beautiful purple flowers in the front. Again all $0.97 at Walmart! 

We opened holes to fit the flowers, removed the casing and watered some more! It was that easy! 


The finished project looked so beautiful. The transformation of this space was so needed and it only took a few hours to shop and put it together. We’ve been getting liquid gold and the flowers are feeling right at home. 

welcome sign

I even had a little extra in my budget to add a cute Welcome sign. I loved how beautiful this area looks now. 

Check out what the Garden Center at Walmart has to offer. 

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