SNAIL MAIL: Earth Day DIY Seed Paper Hearts

Earth Day DIY Seed Paper hearts snail mail

We’re Celebrating Earth Day with a fun DIY. Making this Earth Day DIY with your kids because it’s easy to make and great to give to inspire others to make our Earth Green and Beautiful! We’ve started a vegetable garden like we do every year but I also wanted to add some pretty flowers to our landscaping. 

Make this Earth Day DIY with your kids

Earth Day DIY Seed Paper hearts- how to make seed paper

You will need:

– warm water about 4 cups 

-paper- 5 green sheets of paper and 7 blue sheets of paper

-seeds We used two different blends of wildflowers but feel free to choose your own. 

You will also need a screen and a blender. Paper shredder and cookie cutter are optional.

Earth Day DIY Seed Paper hearts- blender

Start by cutting your paper into small shreds or little squares. Keept the colors seperate you will be blending them seperatley also. If you have a paper shredder this will probably work faster but I did all mine by hand and it only took a few minutes. 

Once your paper is cut and divided by color, add one of the color paper batches into your blender. You will then add about 2 cups of water and blend. 

You want to get an oatmeal consistency and you want to be sure to place into plastic containers once you are done blending. 

Rinse your blender and  repeat with the remaining color. 

Earth Day Seed Paper hearts- add seedsEarth Day Seed Paper hearts- mix seeds

Once both colored paper batches are blended add your seeds. I added 1.5 packs of seeds to each batch. You can do 1 in each that would still be ok. Mix the seeds in with a spoon until well combined. 

 Earth Day Seed Paper hearts- cookie cutter shape

Now using a cookie cutter or freehanding, you will add some blue and some green  of your paper mix onto your screen. I did blues on the outside and some green patches on the inside. As you begin to add the paper mix press down firmly to begin to extract some of the water . If you are using a cookie cutter, this helps to keep the shape also. 

Make your hearts about 1/4 inch thick. The thicker the paper the longer it takes to dry. The thinner the paper the harder it is to remove from the screen and the easier it is to tear. 

Earth Day Seed Paper hearts- leave on screen to dry

Allow them to dry for at least 8 hours. I was able to get mine to dry in 5hours with the temperature being 80F. The paper mixute allowed me to make 15 hearts the size of my palm. 

Earth Day Seed Paper hearts- plant instructions

Once dry I was able to easy pop off the screen and use for my snail mail. I hole punched both a tag and the seed paper. Added simple instructions and secured with some twine. 

Earth Day Seed Paper hearts snail-mail

Add your seed paper to a note to encourage friends to celebrate Earth Day too and send off! 

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Pin this EARTH DAY DIY to your Earth Day board. 


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