Garden DIY: Hola Welcome Sign

terra cotta saucer garden welcome

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for the kids. As promised here is an easy, customizable garden DIY. I made this one but we plan on making a few smaller ones for the hubs veggie garden. I loved using pot saucers and personalizing them with paint. This Garden DIY Hola Welcome sign is still a hit when we get visitors.

Let’s make a Hola Welcome Sign

diy garden welcome sign

You will need:

-Terra Cotta Saucer or any plant pot dish

-acrylic pain

-paint brushes

optional stencils

Let’s Paint
diy garden welcome sign-HOLA

Start off painting the rim we need this to dry if we plan on adding decor on top. Next, place your message. I free handed my Hola Welcome but you can use a pencil to make sure your letters are centered.

diy garden welcome sign- terra-cotta

Add details under the letters and around the rim. I used simple X’s as my flowers and simple dashed line as decor.

diy garden welcome sign- pot dish

Let it dry completely before placing outdoors.

DIY terra cotta saucer garden welcome

Once my welcome sign was dry and ready to placed outdoors it was perfect! It’s  held up nice with our crazy weather too. It’s rained, been super hot, and even windy and muddy but still my welcome sign brightens up my garden and welcomes our visitors with an eye-catching Hola!

Here are some great ideas for your Welcome Sign Garden DIY

-Have the kids paint a family picture

-Paint pets or something you love

-Paint on a song lyric

-Paint a fun geometric design

-Paint your Favorite Sport team

And lastly don’t forget to make it bright and cheerful!

What will your welcome sign say?


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