Messy Cookout Clean-Up KIT with Viva Towels

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Summer Cookout messy clean ups with Viva

It’s Cookout time! Ya’ll know the hubs gets down with the grill so it’s no surprise we throw some pretty dope summer cookouts. While I try to keep things under control, messy situations happen. This is why I rely on my Messy Cookout Clean-Up KIT! I like clean-ups to be easy so we can get back to the fun! When I bust out the Messy Cookout Clean-Up KIT I mean serious business. My KIT is loaded with some must haves like Viva Towels to help clean-up all the party fails and all messes in between!

Viva Brand offers two types of everyday towels we can choose from that stand up to any cleaning job while working like cloth. I like to use them for everyday messes as well as my house chore clean-ups.

In my Messy Cookout Clean-Up Kit you can find:

-Viva Vantage Towels- They’re strong and scrub like cloth perfect for food clean up that need a little scrubbing.

-Viva Towels – These are strong and soft like cloth perfect for my guest’s messy face and hand needs.

-Multi-purpose cleaner

-Latex gloves

-Garbage bags

-Hand sanitizer

Clean-Ups during Cookout Prep

Summer Cookout messy clean up prep

I find myself making some pretty messy situations during prep-time. Cutting a watermelon recently called for some wipe, rinse, and repeat. Viva towels are soft & smooth textured and can be rinsed and used. You can do dishes with these cloth-like towels!

Summer Cookout messy clean up prep easy cleanup

Their strength can hold up to multiple rinses. Exactly what I needed in this situation. Sticky fruit juices that can be absorbed and wiped off with the same towel.

Messy Party Fail Clean-Ups

Summer Cookout messy clean up during cookouts

The littles can be expected to make some messy situations during celebrations. We’ve had our share of spilled drinks, plate flops, and ah the ice cream cone splatter!

Summer Cookout messy clean up during cookout

Viva Vantage has a scrubby texture. I like using these towels for the messiest clean-ups especially when food is involved.

Summer Cookout-messy-clean-up

I find the texture helps pick up tiny bits like these ice cream sprinkles. Fast clean-ups for sure!

Party Clean-ups

Summer Cookout-messy-clean-up-after-party

And of course, for easy after party clean-up, the kit comes in handy. I find that wiping down tables and counters work great with Viva Towels. They strong and durable to tackle party messes.

Summer Cookout-messy-clean-up-after-party-spray

For heavy duty task that need scrubbing during clean-up, Viva Vantage does the trick. I scrub down all our chairs and bbq utensils that may have extra sticky grimy food.

Unleashed the Clean with Viva Towels

Summer Cookout-messy-clean-up-after-party-viva-paper-towels

My Messy Cookout Clean-Up Kit comes in handy every time and gets the job done! I keep it on hand where guest can easily have access to it. It’s my way of unleashing the clean this summer!

Summer Cookout-messy-clean-up-kit-viva-paper-towels[bctt tweet=”How do you handle messy situations? #unleashclean” username=”rubydw”]

What would you have in your Messy Cookout Clean-Up KIT?

messy cookout clean up kit

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