After School Snack Station with Lance Snacks

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Lance Snacks. All thoughts are my own. lance after school snacks real peanut butter crackers 

School starts in September for our family and if I recall after school snacks are vital for our family! We’re a family that strives on routine and snacks are a must during after-school homework time. This is why this year I’ve decided to stock up a basket full of our families favorite after school snacks, Lance Sandwich Crackers. Consider this our after school snack station!

My family loves peanut butter sandwich crackers so Lance is always on our grocery list. From Toasty to Toast Chee, and even Whole Grain crackers! They love peanut butter! From the kids to even the hubs we like to snack on these all the time. This is why they are a must for our after school snack station!

lance toasty and toast chee crackers

I can count on Lance Sandwich crackers to help my kiddos stay fuller longer and know that they are also getting protein, fiber, and whole grains!  

Now the kiddos know when they unpack their backpacks and get ready for homework time, they can also grab some Lance snacks to munch on while we do homework!  This will keep them happy and fueled for all our after-school activities.  

lance gluten free and whole grain with real peanut butter

Lance also have Gluten Free and whole grain options with the same great peanut butter taste! My kids can’t tell the difference they love the peanut butter taste all the same! And I like giving them options and changing up our style. 

Try Lance Snacks for your after school snack 

lance after school snaks

We want you to try Lance Snacks for your after-school Snacks too! Designate an area, fill a basket with Lance Snacks and place a label on it for your kiddos. Download the label here! 

Enter to win a Lance Snacks Prize pack that includes a $25 gift card!

After School Snacks with Lance Prize Pack + $25 Visa GiftCard

Check out other great Lance Snacks on their site and find them at a retailer near you!

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diy after school snack station 


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