Bonding, Crystals, and Birthdays OH MY

mamas crystals

I never thought that crystals would be one of the most amazing bonding times with my Little Lady. She gets so excited when I open my box to add new ones in. For a few months now she’s been wanting her own collection and I’ve been secretly building hers just in time for her birthday. 

My Bestie, Xenia from RaisedbyCulture got me into Crystals. She’s the reason I believe in mine and the one who taught me how to “Put It In the Universe”!  I’ve learned so much about crystals, intentions, and manifesting thru her and it’s been a beautiful experience.  I usually ask her to purchase crystals for me but on recent trips have asked her to pick up a few for my girl. I gave her some words like protection, self-confidence, happiness and Xenia did the rest. She really has a gift for choosing what is best for someone with all the greatest intentions. 

During a recent trip to LA she took me to her favorite shop and there I was able to choose more crystals for myself and for Little Lady. It was such a dope store. The experience was magical!

little lady- crystals

So Little Lady’s Birthday is in a few weeks (our birthdays are just few days apart) and I just couldn’t wait to gift her, her very own collection. I found the perfect box, the perfect crystals and we discussed what each of them were. 

I had already gifted her the Peack-ore (thats the shiny blue teal one) and she made a ritual to kiss it and hug it every night. She loves hard and she loves everything and everyone. 

When we sit and talk crystals her eyes light up, she smiles big and gets so excited holding them in her little hands with care. She brings them close. She holds them up to see how the light makes them shine and best of all I see her in such a moment of peace, happiness, and joy! 

Little Lady’s Collection


 Her collection isn’t complete and it never will be but I think I got her off to a pretty awesome start! 


She has one more special surprise coming in the mail. I have a very talented friend, Maura, who also loves to craft. She has opened up a sweet shop called Pressed Intentions where she sells her handmade jewelry dishes stamped with phrases. I recently purchased this “put it in the universe” dish to keep some of my crystals by my bedside. And I can’t wait to gift Little Lady her own.  

bonding with crystals

It’s the smallest actions that have made the biggest impact on my relationship with my daughter. Something as simple as sitting on her bed looking at her crystals has allowed us to bond and make memories together. l I want to continue to nurture her, bond with her, and see her grow.  I can’t believe my baby girl will by 7 years old soon. What an amazing gift she is to our family. 

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