Photography Dreams

marcus wright in action

I feel like it was just yesterday when the hubs made the decision to go to college. After serving in the military straight out of high school he was finding himself, pursuing passions, and taking it all in.  It’s been almost 2 years and I couldn’t be more proud of him for his commitment, hard work, and most of all following his photography dreams. 

The hubs is pretty unique. I’ve seen him go hard for photography projects, learning how to use new equipment and editing programs. He gets into his groove. I love seeing him in action whether it’s taking photos of the kids or toys. 

marcus wright photography art show



He had two of his photos displayed in the spring art show at his college. We were very excited to attend and show the kiddos daddy’s work. He learned to shoot with film and the whole process of dark room developing. Day in and day out he continued to work at his craft and finally he was seeing results. 

But even better this summer he received a letter congratulating him for his submission to Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s Best of 2016 Photography contest. His photo was chosen to get published in the annual book! We are so excited to see his work in a book. It truly is a dream for him! 


The best part is capturing beautiful photos of my babies, our adventures, and moments thru his eyes. This photo chosen is one where Little Man sat anxiously and nervously at the Barbershop. This was a moment I hardly get to see because it’s daddy and Little Man time but seeing the images the hubs captured always steal my heart. I can’t wait to see the hubs growth and journey in photography. I look forward to sharing more of his accomplishments

My love, may you continue to follow your heart, passion, and may you continue to capture moments as you have my heart. I love you!-RDW

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