This is our life. These are my daily fears

Thursday 1:00pm: It’s time for him to go. 

He opens the door to get ready to go. I don’t want to ask him again if I should just take him. I’ve been driving him all week. He says we shouldn’t live in fear so I have to respect his wishes. But I made sure to voice mine. I’m worried and scared.

He kisses me goodbye and I hang by the door to wave at him. At this point, all I can do is pray for his safety and return. He walks to his car, turns it on, rolls down the windows, and pulls his arm thru the window.  At the end of his arm was a little piece of reassurance.

I guess he could see from my face that I’m scared. As he waves his hand I see his wallet. He places it on his dash and I breathe. 

I see him drive away as we wave goodbye and again I feel a pit in my stomach.


These are my daily fears. So when I wrote about Black Lives Matter and I shared recently how “All Lives Matter” responses make me feel, I wasn’t shocked to see the comments on the post. They were heartbreaking but validating to all my fears. Not everyone understands or wants to understand.

I invite you to read my post and I encourage you to share it. 

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