Day of the Dead: DIY Altar + Easy Clean Up

day-of-the-dead-diy-altar Day of the Dead continues to be a special celebration for my family, especially my kids. Every year I build an altar to pay my respects and keep my grandparents  memory alive. Building an altar is always fun but I can get carried away. I like to get crafty and messy always means amazing! Between Halloween crafts and Day of the Dead preparedness, there’s a lot of paint, glue, and glitter on our desks and tables. Lucky for me I have my trusty Viva Paper towels that are cloth-like and strong to help with my DIYs!

Viva Towels handle tough messes off hands with strength and smooth texture! 

day-of-the-dead-diy-altar-unleashclean-cloth-like-viva-towels I’ve been a fan of Viva Paper Towels since my kiddos were small. They have a signature soft and smooth texture, like an undershirt cloth. They’re great for cleaning delicate surfaces like countertops and coffee tables, and even soft enough for the hands and face of my little ones and me of course!

Build a Pallet Altar 

day-of-the-dead-diy-altar-unleashclean-supplies  I found a small pallet at my local craft store and  It was the perfect size for the space I had reserved for my altar. I lined my table up with Viva Paper towels and painted it! 

Prepare your craft station for easy clean up

day-of-the-dead-diy-altar-unleashclean-messy-paint  I knew I’d be getting paint all over the place. I had no worries because I knew that even if I got some on my table surface A little scrub would get the paint off.  day-of-the-dead-diy-altar-unleashclean-messy-crafts  Once my pallet was painted I let it dry and cleaned my space. It was so easy to because everything landed on the paper towels and also with just a few scrubs any stubborn spots quickly came up without my paper towels falling apart and getting more mess everywhere else! Gone are the struggle days with paper towel clean ups. Viva Towels have my back!

Check out how easy it was to clean it all up with Viva Towels!


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Clean space in a breeze thanks to Viva Towels for being strong and durable like cloth!

Time to decorate your altar


I filled my altar with all the goodies my grandparents loved and things that reminded me of them. 

I added flowers, crosses, sparkles, photos, and candles lots of them! 


 My kids never met my grandparents so this is always a great way to discuss who they were, where we come from, all the memories and stories they left me with to share. 

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Day of the dead DIY altar

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