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I started my registry early this pregnancy because I feel so out of the loop. It’s been 7 years now since I’ve had a baby of our own and so much has changed. At first, I felt overwhelmed but now I’m more excited for baby with all the great changes in baby items.  From clothing to feeding, it can be overwhelming when you don’t research. Lucky for me, I like to research a product before committing to it even if I’m just adding it to my registry. 

This month I’m tackling baby feeding. The latest item to hit my radar, feeding made easy with BlueSmart mia! So what is this bottle sleeve thing anyways? Well, it’s …

a high-tech system that tracks and analyzes your baby’s feeding intake and consumption patterns.”

bluesmartmia- bottle sleeves

Now let me be honest. I hated having to write in my baby feeding journal, especially in the early am feedings. I’d promise myself I’d remember to fill them in later but I never did. I was exhausted. With two little ones under 1.5 years old, it wasn’t happening. Ya, it was a busy time. The hubs and I rotated feedings so we were both often looking at each other trying to calculate the amount of wet diapers and dirty bottles we had. It never worked. But now, we have our fancy smartphones with tons of apps that come in handy especially the ones that are attached to products that make parenting easier. BlueSmart mia is one of those!


Here’s what I’ve learned and why I’m considering BlueSmart mia for my baby:

-it measures the amount of milk being consumed by baby and it alerts you thru the app. 

-parents and caregivers can access the app and be alerted in real-time as it’s accessed thru the app but the sleeve it’se connects via wi-fi

-it offers feeding angles and temperatures for optimal feeding.

-features expiration alerts so parents can discard milk 

-the app features a journal to not only record feeding patterns but also milestones you can share with family members and pediatricians.

-fits 90% of baby bottles brands and sizes, including Dr. Brown’s, Philips AVENT and Pigeon.

bluesmartmia-silicone sleeve

BlueSmart mia is currently available in Blue and Pink silicone sleeve colors. The app is available for download thru Apple Store and Google Play. 

You can purchase thru or today. Use the code NEWMIA30 at checkout for $30 off throughout the month of February.

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For more information, you can also visit BlueSmart mia social media channels on Facebook  and Twitter.



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    We used an app on our tablets to track with the first baby. This seems kinda cool. I like that you can use it with other bottles. I can’t tell from the website if it works with our brand of bottles and how many blue or pink bottoms come in the box. I’d think having two or three would be nice but I’m not sure about cost and how they would work with the same app. Seems easier for night feedings. Good share.

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