Nesting: Preparing for Baby starts with Laundry

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Dreft purtouch. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Baby Memories with Dreft Purtouch
I’m officially nesting! I’m busy preparing for the arrival of GUBbaby going thru storage containers of baby clothes our kids once wore, removing tags of new items, and doing my favorite kind of laundry, baby laundry. When it comes to preparing for baby, I think of organizing and washing all baby items. I used Dreft for all my little one’s laundry and I wouldn’t have it any other way for GUBbaby.

DID YOU KNOW: The New Dreft purtouch is a 65% plant-based detergent. It’s hypoallergenic and made with naturally-derived ingredients that are gentle on baby’s skin.

As I sorted through my pile of baby laundry, all I could think was, “wow, a new baby”. I wondered if it was a boy and imagined seeing the clothing Bailey once wore or perhaps a baby girl and imagined swaddling GUBbaby with Cecilia’s favorite blankets. I felt all the emotions.

The boxes of baby clothes have been sitting in storage for nearly 8 years. Knowing that my babies have all had sensitive skin, It’s extremely important for me to wash new and old baby items thoroughly. We never know how baby items have traveled, what they’ve sat in, or been dragged through. Both my kids did well with Dreft baby because it is hypoallergenic. I’m happy the new formula is also hypoallergenic and also free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates, ethanolamine, and optical brighteners. It also helps remove up to 99% of baby stains!

Baby Laundry with Dreft purtouch is my family’s choice

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Preparing for my third baby is not only exciting but completely new. This is the first time we don’t know the gender of the new addition to our family. One thing I knew for sure is, it’s my job to make a safe, clean, organized space for baby. So when it comes to doing the laundry, I do feel half way ready. My favorite part of doing baby laundry has to be the light touch of Dreft’s iconic baby fresh scent. It’s one of those scents that brings back so many memories. I’m happy Dreft purtouch also features the same scent.

A recent survey conducted by Dreft has unveiled that among new parents, 97% agree that washing these clothes and fabrics before bringing their newborn home was an important step in making them feel ready for baby.

Making baby memories Dreft purtouch-gublife

I can’t wait for GUBbaby to arrive! All my baby clothes are washed, folded and organized! Yay for Baby Laundry now hurry up and bake GUBbaby! We can’t wait to give you all our love!

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DID YOU KNOW: 9 out of 10 dermatologists say it’s important to wash baby clothes before first wear. 90% of dermatologists agree baby clothes should be cleaned with a gentle detergent before first wear.

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Learn more about Dreft purtouch is a great choice for your baby laundry.


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