Mama Monday: The countdown begins

mama monday30weeks preggo
Happy Mama Monday to us! We are officially 30 weeks! I was just telling a friend how it feels like time really flew by this time around. I felt like this pregnancy was so rushed or maybe I just had a ton to do now that the kids are active, the hubs is in school + work, and I work from home. I feel like it was non-stop and now I’m finally taking a step back to take it all in. GUBbaby will be here in less than 68 days!

Dr. appointment for 30 week check up

doctor appointment 30weeks
We’re literally doing countdowns of everything now! From weeks and days til baby arrives to kick counts. Ya doctors orders. I was already doing the counts but it turns out I was doing them all wrong. I let the doctor know my concerns with slow movement patterns from Little Baby so she advised I do kick counts daily now. 10 kicks within 2hrs!

Also, I’ve gained 3lbs since my last check up and my BP kinda thru us in for a scare. The doctor came in asking me if I’ve had any recent cramping, headaches, nausea, blurry vision. My answers were all no. She let us know her thoughts and said she’d test again to be sure but if BP was still high then it was to the hospital we go for some Non Stress testing and more baby monitoring. She took it again and yup… False alarm all was well. She says it happens like that sometimes. I was so relieved!

Baby is getting bigger by the weeks. This checkup Little Baby’s heart rate was at 130 big difference from last weeks 146 but she said the pattern was steady and as long as baby’s heart rate doesn’t fall below 120 we are fine.

Ready to be a big sister

big sis gublife
I’ve been getting extra cuddles for Cecilia. She’s so into this pregnancy asking questions about everything and wanting to be all up on my belly. She always feels the baby kick and feels so special because her brother has yet to feel the baby. She’s so hands on with everything I do now. She wants to help in every way. I didn’t think she’d be this excited for a new baby but I’m so excited for her to become a big sister!

Dodger Fan

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This week I also found the Dodgers outfit a friend gifted us when we were preggo with Bailey. It’s a true sign that Little Baby will also be a Dodger fan!


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It’s happening and it’s happening fast! I’ve been in nesting hardcore mode for a few weeks now. My latest obsession is finding a travel system that is not only affordable but also lightweight. Since this is our last baby we aren’t looking for all the bells and whistles we just want something that will work for our family. So the hubs and I have been shopping around for THE stroller. We found some options but man is it overwhelming!!!

That’s it for this update. I’ll be back next week with our next Mama Monday at 31 weeks!

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