Mexican Superstitions about Pregnancy

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This week I wanted to talk about Mexican superstitions, at least the ones I learned thru my Mexican family regarding pregnancy. But before that, let’s get some updates out the way.

31 weeks
I’m 31 weeks now and while I didn’t see my doctor this week, I know baby has moved way up, heartburn is killer, but not as bad as Braxton Hicks! I had a hard weekend full of side pains but I guess at this point it’s expected. Also, my hair is killing me. It’ sounds so dumb but I hate it! It’s becoming such an annoyance which is what has made me dig deep into the superstitions of my culture.

Mexican Superstitions: Do you believe them?

I’ve shared about Mexican superstitions before and learned so many new ones when I did a Livestream from all our GUBfriends. It was pretty awesome. But now I’m back with a few pregnancy ones that continue to make me giggle and haunt me. Pregnancy Superstitions aren’t something you mess with, right? Let me know if any of these are new to you or ones you believe too.

Eclipse, Full moons, Safety Pins and Red Chonies

mexican superstitions
I remember being pregnant with Bailey when I first learned this one. My aunt came over with a safety pin. She made me attach it to some red underwear and told me it would protect the baby during the eclipse and full moons.

The belief is that you are protecting your child from diseases, loss, and even deformation by wearing red garments and/or a safety pin. I guess wearing both means EXTRA protection.

No Coloring No Cutting Hair

mexican-pregnancy superstitions
My hair is currently full of grays, super long, and red at the bottom. I look a mess but as the belief goes I’m not allowed to color or cut my hair. I didn’t dye my hair during any pregnancy but I remember cutting it while pregnant with Cecilia… she came out ok. If anything, I looked more like Dora the Explorer with my bangs.Bad move!

Coloring/dying your hair causes harm to the baby making all the chemicals soak right to the baby.

Cutting your hair is like cutting the umbilical cord. Just don’t do it!

Baby will look like the one you stay angry at

mexican-pregnancy superstitions- angry

For a long time, I heard don’t hold grudges the baby will end up looking like (Insert name of whoever made mad) I can’t help it though, I tend to get the most annoyed when I’m pregnant. Maybe getting angry in general isn’t good for baby, right? For now, poor Marcus is at the end of every annoyance. If this belief is true, I don’t mind our little baby looking like him except if this baby ends up looking like his alter ego Pirate Fernando.

Eat all the things you crave or else…

mexican-pregnancy superstitions- cravings

This is probably one of my favorites. I mean according to this superstition, I’m to give into my cravings or else, Baby will be born with spots, bumpy skin or it’s mouth open( I dunno how that’s bad but I’m assuming it can be *shrug*) I’m gonna listen to this one because why not! I’m gonna have wings whenever I want and nectarines too because, Better safe than sorry!

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I’m sure there are more but at the moment those are the ones I remember. Let me know of any other pregnancy superstitions?

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  1. char says

    The eat whatever you crave was one for me. And do not cutor dye your hair is one also. But even now that my kids are older…until around three my hubs wouldn’t let my younger son cut his hair because in the native American culture it is a symbol of your strength like Samson in the BIBLE. The others I never heard of , I should ask him though or one of my in laws.

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