Midnight Craving Runs with the Cops

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I got pulled over!!! Ya, all because I went on a craving run. I was too excited for my treat and well, it almost cost me a whole lot more. Cravings are always a killer when I’m pregnant. My cravings turn me into an obsession and if Marcus doesn’t move fast enough for me, I tend to go on my own craving runs. Well, I learned my lesson and I’ve learned it’s better to wait.

I wanted to share this story now since nothing has really changed I’m 33 weeks now and feeling much like 32 weeks.

This Wing Craving was nothing but trouble

pregnancy craving
One crazy midnight, I was binge watching Hot Ones on YouTube. It’s a show about eating super spicy sauced wings as celebrities do interviews. I stopped the video saw Marcus sleeping and thought I’m going to go get us wings. If you knew me before this pregnancy, you’d know, I DON’T EAT WINGS. No really, I don’t! There is nothing exciting about them, especially the bone-in ones. Well, I was craving them bad. I called in my order to Buffalo Wild Wings and I got out of my PJs to be on my way. Before I continue, you should know, I’m a very careful driver.I got pulled over once in Mexico but I don’t even count that time because I hadn’t done anything wrong (a story for another day).

I picked up my wings and was trying to hurry home because… MMMM HOT WINGS. I was very specific with my order. I wanted extra crispy chipotle bbq rub wings, potato wedges, and queso. So Ya, from never liking wings to knowing exactly what I wanted… thank you pregnancy.

I was less than five minutes away from my house now. My car was infused with the smell of hot chipotle wings. I was approaching the last traffic light. I must have been going a little faster than I should have because as I almost hit the intersection the traffic light turned yellow then red in the blink of an eye. I couldn’t stop! I wasn’t going super fast, still, the light beat me. As I crossed the intersection on the lonely street at 1 am, I saw the cop car. My heart dropped. I messed up and pushed the brakes but it was too late. I checked my rearview mirror and the cop busted a U-turn. Soon enough, he sped up behind me and I saw the lights come on. I pulled over and realized I was across the street from my community. My heart dropped yet again. I rolled down my window and waited.

craving run and the police
The cop approached and asked for my paperwork.
Cop: “Going a little fast there weren’t we? Where are you headed?”
Me: “Heading home I was out picking up a craving for wings and I must have got too excited because I’m almost home”
Cop: “Where’s home?”
Me: *pointing across the street* “Right there”
Cop *giggling* “Almost home.”

He must have smelled my delicious wings as I tried to find my paperwork. I couldn’t find my registration because of course, I took Marcus’ car and not mine. I should know where his paperwork is but I don’t especially not at 1 am I just wanna eat my wings! He asked if my paperwork was up-to-date, took a glance at my windshield stickers, and he must have noticed our expired military decals. He walked away and came back shortly after.

Cop: “I’m going to give you a warning this time. You’re almost home. Slow down, it’s dangerous this time of night running red lights”
Me: “Thank you, I will. Heading home now and staying there.”

I was beyond thankful at this point for many reasons. I was happy the cop was nice and only gave me a warning. I was extremely lucky that he was willing to look up my info because I couldn’t find it fast enough. Eventually, I did but he was already speaking about the warning. He nodded as he glanced at the paperwork when I found it and continued to speak. I was also lucky he wasn’t traveling in a pack. Cops around here travel in sets of 2-3 cars. It could have been a very overwhelming situation. At the same time, I hate to think, had Marcus gone on this craving run things would have probably gone way different. All in all, I went home, counted my blessings and enjoyed my wings.

chipotle wings- pregnancy craving
Marcus couldn’t believe it. He said no more craving runs. I couldn’t argue I was still a little shaken. Better believe that these were the best wings I ever had. I mean they almost cost me a lot more!

P.S. I didn’t take a photo of the cop car behind me. This is actually a shot from a creative video Marcus did that I hope to share soon. On the real tho, that is exactly what I saw when I looked in my rearview mirror.

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