Plus-size and Pregnant

mama monday32 weeks baby-bump
I’m 32 weeks pregnant and this week I saw my doctor. I also feel like this week the bump has grown and people actually realize I’m pregnant and not just chubby. Being plus-size and pregnant for me has always been interesting. Pregnancy, in general, isn’t the same for everyone. Symptoms, milestones, and growth can all be different but I find that the stereotypes of pregnancy just don’t fit me.

Being Plus-size and Pregnant

  • The baby bump isn’t noticeable until well into the last trimester but when the bump drops I’m back to just being a chubby mama.
  • I have to tell people I’m pregnant. Grabbing my belly just looks like I’m holding my stomach people don’t think I’m pregnant.
  • I lose weight rather than gain in the first two trimesters (12lbs down the first trimester alone) I gain weight my last trimester so far only 3lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Maternity clothes shopping consists of buying one size down in plus-size clothing. Then I find comfortable pieces in my closet like leggings and dresses near the end.
  • Food is a huge turn-off and I eat less while pregnant than I do when I’m not.
  • I’m more active physically when I’m pregnant. I desire walks at the park.
  • I do glucose testing up to 3 times. I’m always expected to fail. Techs will tell me “If you fail you need to….” I pass them all the time but do the testing for precaution.
  • I become anemic if not borderline. I’m given more iron than I care to ingest. It gives me serious problems.
  • I feel the best when I’m pregnant. I enjoy pregnancy.

These are just a few things that I’ve taken note of from all 3 pregnancies.

GUBbaby update + Doctor Visit

Baby is back to moving like crazy. Marcus talks to the baby and I get all the crazy moves when he’s around. Baby has already kicked Marcus in the face too. I can feel my belly get hard now. Baby seems to be head-down not sure if it will stay this way. This is the first time I feel pain in my ribs and I can feel baby up very high. My belly shifts from high to low often throughout the day. Still, my belly feels very pointy.

At the doctors visit my BP was normal, I lost 1lb so I’m back to a total of 3lbs gained. We also discussed my VBAC. I learned that because I’ve had a c-section before inducing isn’t an option. I’m happy to hear this. I wasn’t sure if my doctors were pro inducing. I don’t want to be induced. I hear horror stories. My Braxton Hicks have gotten a little stronger Nothing too crazy though. I’ll be full term in just 5 weeks! I start Non-Stress testing the first week of July and I only have one prenatal massage left.

This week a mosquito beat me up

32 weeks freckles and bug bite
Excuse the overgrown eyebrows and face full of freckles. Check out how crazy swollen my eye got after a darn mosquito attacked me. By far the craziest bug bite I’ve ever gotten. Luckily I’m ok and swelling was down by bed time. But man did it hurt.

Letters from soon to be big sis

32 weeks- due date prediction
Cecilia kicked off my 32weeks with the sweetest note. She made my bed on Sunday because I had run out my room without doing it. She made sure to let me know and said I had a little surprise waiting. She got anxious and gave me this card before I saw my bed made. She is the cutest and I hope her predictions are right. If she is, 5 weeks from now is when I’m full term at 37 weeks. Bailey came at 36 weeks and Cecilia at 38 weeks so 37 weeks would be ideal. We shall see.

That’s it for this Mama Monday update. ‘Til next week!

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  1. char says

    I love this blog. That is really sweet of Cecelia to write that note too….my kids weren’t to kind to the last two children I had. It has gotten better over the years though

  2. says

    You look great. I had gestational diabetes 7 years ago during my last pregnancy with Skylar. I had to take insulin starting at 7 months in. Worse time in my life – they couldn’t regulate my insulin levels and my blood sugar would drop late at night. Funnily enough, before that pregnancy I had lost 54 lbs and this one was the only pregnancy that I had the G.D. with.

    • Ruby says

      That’s the craziest right? Ya, I thought for sure I’d get GD with all my pregnancies the way the doctors were concerned but I’ve been a big girl my whole life and this just proves that it isn’t always about weight ya know. I’ve lost the most weight with the pregnancy which is crazy to me.

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