Sibling Love: The Magic of their Bond

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We kicked off summer break with some chill time with the kids. No routines just a week of relaxing and enjoying our summer break. What I learned from sitting back and watching the kids play was magical. Their bond is one of a kind and while they usually drive me crazy I know their sibling love can never be broken.

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I shared on Instagram how for the longest time I was told I was crazy for having kids so close in age. Bailey and Cecilia are 13 months apart. I dwelled on that and worried. Would it be hard to raise loving kids so close in age? I wanted them to have a bond. Soon I realized that they did have a connection. Now that they are in grade school it easy to see them bicker but more importantly to sit back and watch their sibling love.

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Cecilia is my emotional baby. She loves hard and often gets her feelings hurt by her brother. Still, she is the one that is teaching her brother to be loving in return. But don’t get it twisted she will check him quick and keeps him on his toes.

Sibling Love- GUBlife
Bailey is so chill. He teaches Cecilia to just live in the moment. He’s creative and always wants to include her in whatever fun adventure he is doing. They often argue but it’s all about how they come together in the end.

On this particular day, Bailey was sent out to the pool first. He hesitated to jump in but he did. He looked over at me and waited but finally came close and asked: “When is Cecilia getting in?” She was stalling afraid to go out into the yard after noticing some bumps on her skin. I could see Bailey struggling to have fun when his sister wasn’t. He wanted her to join him. I could see Cecilia struggling but wanting to spend time with her brother. Eventually, she got the courage to put on her swimsuit.

They splashed around and do what they always do. “Mom look I can float… I can swim… I can flip” Ya they show off to me and I love it.

I took my phone out and snapped some pics. What I captured next was a priceless moment.

Brotherly Love- GUBlife

This photo along with many other instances when I sit back and watch Bailey and Cecilia interact show me their sibling love. That love I worried wouldn’t be there. The bond that I wished and hoped they’d have. Now I know that it doesn’t matter if the gap is 13 months or 8 years. I know I’m raising loving, kind, respectful kids. I can’t wait to watch them interact with GUBbaby next! GUBbaby has some amazing siblings to trail after.

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