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We’re officially 35 weeks! AHHHHHHHH I’m screaming because Bailey was born at 36 weeks and Cecilia was born at 38 weeks. If this is the case I’ll have a baby in less than 3 weeks! This is why this week’s goals was to have all our Hospital Bags packed!

Three useful Hospital Bags to pack for child birth.


For starters, Yes, we have 3 bags. I explain in this video what’s in each but if you want full details scroll below and take a look at what is in each of our three bags. I’ve broken them down into Check-In Bag, Labor Bag, and Diaper Bag.

Check-In Bag

The Check-In bag is my everyday bag now. It’s a tote perfect for carrying my important things. It’s the bag that I will grab the minute I leave the house. It has the most important things I’ll need in the event that we have to rush to the hospital after a check-up or if contractions come unexpected and we are close to home.

In this bag:

Wallet- For my insurance card and ID. I’ve pre-registered at my hospital so these will be the only items they will need to verify I am who I say I am.

Cell phone- I usually have this on hand anyway but it’s important I mention it here because I need this while at the hospital. My birth plan and other important documents are accessible thru here as well in the event that it’s not in my file.

Electronics and Chargers- Ipad and chargers. I’m bringing this instead of my laptop. The hubs will probably bring his anyway but this is easier to keep in this check-in bag. I’ll need some entertainment and back up if my cell is dying.

Reading material- Something I wish I had the first time I gave birth. I wasn’t in much labor and it took over 24hrs and I had nothing to keep me busy. I love this book too and purposely stopped reading so I could in the event that I end up in triage longer than expected.

Calming crystals and oils- I’ve been carrying this little bag of crystals. My favorites are:

-Bumble Bee Jasper- It allows me to accept change and make decisions without relying on my emotions. It also helps with abdominal issues, nervous system, and heart + circulatory system disorders. These are all great especially because I’m preparing for a VBAC.

-Lepidolite- Brings calming and balance. It’s also a healing crystal and helpful with pregnancy, childbirth, and general healing. It’s been my travel crystal because I’ve now suddenly become very anxious.

The oils are fairly new I find them calming so I plan to use them this time around in hopes of staying calm.

Labor (+Postpartum) Bag

I used a Herschel Bag large enough to fit things for Marcus and I. This is the bag that stays by the door. It will also stay in the car once we arrive at the hospital. Marcus will bring it in once we are admitted and given a laboring room. It’s the bag that has all the items I feel we will need during labor and once the baby arrives.

Whats-in-my-hospital- labor-bag
In this bag:

Snacks- I’m packing snacks to have on hand during labor for Marcus and after labor for me. I’ve included things like Kind Bars, Nuts, gummies, pretzels, lactation cookies, and some things I can suck on while in labor.

Toiletries- This is basically my carry on travel size toiletries. Shampoo, condition, body wash, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, and toothbrush. For Marcus- same stuff including a razor and gel, mouth wash, and bathroom spray. I’ve also included face wash and lotion for myself, a luffa, hair ties, a hair wrap, and lip balm.

Postpartum- Slippers, socks, granny panties, Always discreet underwear, breast pads, and Pre-moistened medicated pads (TUCKS)

Whats-in-my-hospital- labor-bag-clothing

Also in this bag is my clothes for after I give birth and when I’m going home.

For Mama- nursing tank and yoga capris, a breastfeeding friendly nightgown, a nursing bra, button up 2 piece PJs, a dress (to go home in) and a lightweight hooded robe.

For Marcus- I packed things he’s comfortable with like some PJs and some basketball shorts. He’s going to carry his own backpack and he plans to go home to check on kiddos once the baby arrives so he can always grab his own stuff if needed.

Diaper Bag

Oh, this diaper bag! My Amiga Jillian from HelloSplendid.com gifted it to me and it’s perfection. It’s a Ju Ju Be x Tokidoki backpack and fits everything I’ll need for baby. I love it so so much!

I have minimal things for the baby. I learned my lesson from the first time we had a baby.

This time I’m bringing one outfit (button top and footed pants), 2 onesies, 2 hats, 1 pair of gloves, 2 thin blankets, 2 Swaddlers, Johnson’s Baby head to toe wipes, Newborn Pampers Diapers, and Pampers Sensitive wipes.

And that’s it! My bags are packed and I’m ready to really give birth. I’m awaiting the contractions and hoping my water breaks. Either way, I’m ready whenever GUBbaby is!

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  1. Brittani Evans says

    Loved watching the video! We used those swaddle pods with Ian and Mya and loved them!!!! So smart on making sure your camera is in your everyday bag, we didn’t get enough time to run back to the car to grab the camera and had to rely on the doctor’s cellphone for pictures since my water broke so late in the day and our phones were dead!

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