GUBbaby it’s almost time to meet you!

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We’ve hit 36 weeks of pregnancy with GUBbaby! This is definitely a milestone I looked forward to because at 36 weeks we welcomed our first born, Bailey! This is also the week that kicks off twice a week appointments. My schedule this summer suddenly got hectic with GUBbaby!

Hello GUBbaby, you’ve made it to 36 weeks!

36 weeks- gubbaby
Turning 36 weeks was probably one of the most exciting weeks for me. I still remember being 36 weeks with both Bailey and Cecilia. I have birth stories to share but for now, I’ll say with Bailey it was all so unexpected especially because I was still working and my water broke at work. With Cecilia, 36 weeks was one of the longest weeks of my life. I thought for sure she’d come early too! I don’t know why I thought that. But here I am yet again hoping for an early delivery! I’m ready, we all are ready, to meet GUBbaby and find out if we have a boy or girl to join the GUB family!!!

Non- Stress Tests

36 weeks- non-stress test
We had our first NST. I’m not scheduled for them once a week until I deliver GUBbaby. This was completely new because I never did this with my past pregnancies, well, aside from emergency ones at the hospital. Marcus came with me bright and early. They walked us into a room, sat me down, put a few straps on me and there it was! GUBbaby’s heartbeat. I still get emotional listening to it. It was our first hello and still, I get so excited knowing GUBbaby is healthy and active. We also had a quick ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid. With a full bladder, GUBbaby is still swimming in tons of liquid! Oh man oh man if my water breaks it should be a big pour for sure!

Shopping for GUBbaby

36 weeks- by your side sleeper
Our crib still isn’t here but I’m not even worried. Our kids usually stay near me the first 3 months. Marcus was smart when he started looking into getting a bassinet or even one of those playpen- bassinet combos. But then, during a recent trip, we found this baby on clearance! You can’t beat paying $28 for a sleeper. It’s been hard to think of a nursery theme too because everything is so gender-specific. I think it’s going to be more exciting when we welcome GUBbaby and go from there. So, for now, we have all our basics covered and like I said before I’m ready to meet this baby!

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