GUBbaby you’re officially BAKED!

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We made it to week 37! GUBbaby you’re officially Baked! Come out come out we’re ready for you and we’re on a race to the finish line! Did I mention I have a handful of amigas that are also expecting later this month! We’re all officially baked and can’t wait to see our babies. In the mean time, I joked and told my amiga, Anna I’d race her to the finish line. Little did I know the hubs would take my training literally!

37 weeks- gubbaby
This week, NST and Doctor appointment are on different dates so I’ll be updating this later. Consider this a friendly hello from the future… or past whenever you read this. I’ve been feeling so ready, so achy, and so anxious. Heartburn has been really creeping up and sadly I’ve hit the last 2 tums in my bottle. How Sway? I really went ham on them this pregnancy. The burn is not fun. My parents arrive next week and

Also, My parents arrive next week and I’m thinking that’s when GUBbaby will finally come. I’m ok waiting another week tho, the excitement might throw me over the edge.


So NST uses a cowbell to wake baby up during testing. I shared on IG Stories and promised I’d get proof so this week I was on a mission. They did one bell… it wasn’t too loud. So I asked for the purple bell they used last time. Baby must have been really sleepy because we got only little movements but nothing crazy like last time. The bell works tho… most of the time or so they say.

Walking out GUBbaby

We’ve been walking sooooo much. We do a morning walk in the park sometimes 2 laps around our route. We also walk around the neighborhood once the sun goes down and after dinner. It’s hubs attempt at getting GUBbaby out. I’m usually out of breath and have gotten just some contractions. I power thru it and drink as much cold water as I can.

Emotions are HIGH

I’ve had enough this week also because my emotions are at an all time high. This photo pretty much sums up my trip home after my doctor appointment.

First, let me say I wasn’t checked at my Dr. appointment and I sadly found out my test for Group Step B came back positive. I was told not to freak out but come on any testing coming back positive can put you on the edge. Luckily my doctor knows what to say to keep me calm. We hashed out a plan for when I go into labor and she assured me all will be well even if we don’t have time for precautions. She said in the event that labor goes by fast there is still only a 1% chance of being affected. So I felt a little relieved.

I ended up driving alone to this appointment because the kids are on vacation and it would be easier to just take myself. On the way home Kanye comes on the radio and I immediately get teary eyed. I’m like what in the world where are these emotions coming from. I basically cry like full blown tears and emotion and it’s all because I miss the old Kanye… WHO AM I? LOL I called the hubs and I was literally in tears laughing at how ridiculous it sounded just telling him.

Ya! I’m ready to be myself again. Come on GUBbaby we are so ready for you!

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