A year of the Existence of GUBbaby

This test! This POSITIVE TEST changed my life completely a year ago today! This was the beginning of what I knew as the existence of GUBbaby.gubbaby-pregnancy test

I still remember taking the test. I told the hubs I’d be testing in the morning and sure enough, the lines showed up. A million emotions ran thru me. I was excited, scared, nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed.

I thought about all the things. Then I heard my parents voice. “A baby is a blessing” It sure was. I didn’t know it then but soon enough I learned how this little baby was going to rock my world.

Telling Big Brother and Big Sister

Hi Big Brother Big Sister

Familymoon with the growing belly


Seeing GUBbaby at 23 weeks and 26 weeks


Fully baked and ready to meet our baby

37 weeks- gubbaby

He’s HERE! GUBbaby is a BOY!


Happy One Year of existence GUBbaby

This round little face, cheeky smile and bright eyes make my mornings! It’s true I can’t even remember what life was like without him. He completes our family.

gublife-ruby_wright gubbaby-gublife-daddy
Marcus and I take in all the cuddles we can because he’s growing so fast. He’s already started baby cereal, loves to stand and jump, and most of all he is quite the chatty kid.

Bailey and Cecilia love him to death and usually annoy the world out of him. I keep reminding them he will have his payback when he starts walking.


One year we’ve loved you for a whole year and you didn’t even know it. GUBbaby you are our world. We love you, Damian.

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