Ready for Cough and Cold season with Boogie Mist

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Boogie Wipes. All thoughts are my own.

boogie-mist-reminder-instructionalHaving school-aged kids and an infant just got scary! I’m a third-time mama, so for the most part, I feel like I have things under control, that is until the cough and cold season comes around. I’m also aware that my school-aged kids are most exposed to these germs. Which is why I’m constantly asking them to please wash their hands. The reality is, this cough and cold season is a bit scary with a tiny baby. We’ve already seen early signs of congestion and sore throats from big brother and sister. Not to worry! Like I said I like to think I have things under control so I have a plan!

My plan is to just be ready! It’s that simple. I’ve reminded everyone especially the kids to wash their hands often. I’ve even gotten creative to help myself out and made instructional reminders for when the symptoms of cold and cough season take over. Most importantly, I have products on hand to battle the sickness.

I’ve shared our love for Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist on the blog. It wasn’t too long ago that I was cheering a fellow mama on because we know the smaller the baby, the scarier and more overwhelming this season can be. So here I am again with a plan and some back up from Boogie Mist!

I’ve encouraged our kids to tell us when they start feeling sick and I’m on alert to the symptoms. For now, all I can be is ready. So to have the situation feel under control, I’ve created a little routine to help us through when the time comes.

Here is the plan for the season with Boogie Mist

cough and cold with boogie mist

First, I’ll be ending our nights with a warm cup of my favorite home-made honey lime tea to soothe their throats. I have everything on hand ready to go!

Then, I’ll add a few more steps to the kids’ nighttime routine. I’m sending the kids off to brush their teeth and instructing them to follow these few steps. Remember the instructional reminder I made. Here is where it comes into play. It’s ready to be posted in our bathrooms with all the steps.  It’s simple just 4 easy steps that will keep germs down, help them sleep better at night, and make them a little more responsible because mama needs some help.

Step 1- Wash hands

Step 2- Blow nose

Step 3- Use Boogie Mist

Step 4- Wash hands again

Battle the season of sick with a plan

I’ve already gone through the steps with them. I even expressed how it’s important NOT to share their Boogie Mist. Each kid has their very own bottle of Boogie Mist. I made sure to hand out different colored bottles with different scents so it makes it easier to identify which is their bottle. Bailey gets the orange bottle of Fresh Scent Boogie Mist and Cecilia gets the purple bottle of Grape Scent Boogie Mist.

Here’s to a low season of cough and cold symptoms! Be sure to download your reminder signs for your family and don’t forget to pick up some Boogie Mist! You’ll thank me later! Just be ready!

Cough and Cold Season with Boogie Mist

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