Minivan Cruising for GUBholiday

Disclosure: We were loaned a Toyota Sienna 2017  for review purposes only. FAMILY VAN-toyota sienna
Our family has now grown and traveling has changed tremendously. It’s been a while since we carried around a little one and man oh man does he come with extra things to carry around. Luckily for us, We were loaned a 2017 Toyota Sienna, Ya, a Minivan and I couldn’t be happier. GUBholiday was on and poppin’ as we went minivan cruising from LA to the OC!

Santa Ana- GUBholiday
That’s right! First stop, Santa Ana! But before we got on the road we got situated into the minivan. I know we were on vacation from New Jersey but with that also came a huge vacation from our tiny car to this spacious Minivan. The drive to Santa Ana from LAX was not only comfortable but so smooth.  

Toyota Sienna Minivan for the win

Dad-Loves-Minivan- GUBholiday
Marcus kept finding new things to play with. From the seat warmers to the lighting to the cruise control, and music. This man was made for a minivan and he looked so good in one too.

I have to say Cali was kinda chilly and of course, Marcus turned up the heat. I’m happy we all could have different temperatures or else He would have had us sweating.

Middle Seat Love

My kids loved the middle-middle seat. Ya the middle seat in the middle row. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t just take up a window.

I know we had Damian in the back but there were 3 seats yet they continued to take turns sitting in the middle. It wasn’t until I sat back there with Damian that I realized how spacious and exciting the middle seat was. The view was probably one of the best and Bailey and Cecilia were both here for it.

And here I thought we were on vacation from our tiny car. Nope, these kids were happy to all sit together in the middle row and even said there was a lot of space. At one point they set up their gaming system and played as we traveled and sat in a bit of traffic. No Complaints here!


Best of all, with a growing family, it was nice to have so much space. While we were in a van it still had a great feel of a car with double side doors with windows. And seating that was easy to move and even reclines.


GUBholiday-toyota sienna
We enjoyed our time in the OC making memories with our families for GUBholiday. GUBholiday-disneyland-2017
We visited Iconic places like Knotts Berry Farm and even Disneyland!

And when it was time to pack up and head to the airport, I couldn’t be happier with all the extra room. A family of 5 like ours belongs in a minivan.

Here’s too the most amazing trunk space. Thank you, Toyota Sienna for packing up nicely with 1-two-part stroller, 4 carry-ons, 4 backpacks, and one massive checked bag weighing 65.5lbs full of Christmas gifts from our family!

We hope your families had an amazing holiday season too.

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