Mama Studies: I’m an Undergrad Mama trying to balance it all

I did it! I finally went back to school. After a 10 year hiatus, I made the moves and officially started my Junior year of Undergrad school. These are the Mama Studies chronicles in the making! I’m an Undergrad Mama!


mama goes back to school-books

I’m a Psychology major and up until last year, I was unsure if this was truly what I wanted. Your brain works different, thinks different after you’ve become a parent. Still, going to school and completing my bachelor’s degree has been a dream. I’ll be the first in my family to get a BA, that is… if my little brother doesn’t beat me to it!

I stopped going to school after getting married and starting a family. I had a great job and didn’t need the degree back then but things change, life happens. Now I’m older and ready to get back into the education field but first I need this degree!

Being an Undergrad Mama takes adjusting

mama studies baby plays

I got accepted to the university and shortly after, we got the news that this little one was on his way. I decided to not start until he had arrived. Now Damian is here and I’m 3 weeks into my spring semester.

I’m taking all my classes online and I’m so thankful for that because being a wife, working from home, going to school, and having a 6-month-old, 8-year-old and 9-year-old is not easy! But I guess it wouldn’t be worth it if it was that easy right?

Damian spends the day with me and we are usually in my office all day. He hangs around, literally, jumping on his jumper or crawling around by my desk. I’ve learned his schedule and so far I got that part down.

The kids are down with mama going back to school, kinda!

mama studies you are visiting

On Friday nights, this is my view. I have the smallest room in the house but they all want to be in here with me. Marcus is usually trying to get them out and to do other things but they end up right here anyway. I had to start a new school rule. It’s called “you’re visiting” They get loud, start asking questions, wanting to craft, and I say “You’re visiting remember? You are a visitor in my classroom.” It’s hard though, I want to hang out and play the switch, board games, and do movie night with them. We’re all adjusting.

Distractions in the form of little people

mama goes back to school study buddy

The big kids were excited about me starting school until they saw how much I have to do and how little free time I have now. Cecilia gets a kick out of my color-coded notes and stickers, Bailey wants to show me everything he’s built with legos and ask me questions about his science project, and Damian wants to be as close to me as he can be. He’s quite the little study buddy, but oh so distracting this little one.

Learning to Balance it

mama goes back to school

This is my new normal. Late at night when the teething is happening, the big kids are in bed, and I’m up late taking notes, this little one is in my arms. Marcus has been so supportive as we juggle his work schedule and the cooking and cleaning. We haven’t carved out time for us as a couple but that is next on our list. It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be so worth. Big changes this year and we can’t wait to share them all!

Have a tip to help me balance it all out?

Let me know whats working for you! I’ll be back with an updated on what has worked and what hasn’t.

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  1. Luba Benuto says

    Good for you. I am a single mom who has tried going back to school on at least 3 occasions. I have yet to finish a degree but I am in a Mental Health Certificate Program and it hasn’t been easy. I feel like taking 1 day at a time works for me amd always remembering to squeeze some me time. A walk a nap, a long shower etc. Sometimes talking with your teachers amd asking for an extension or so.e extra credit to keep you from drowning works. You can’t do half of what you set out to do when you aren’t well. Praying for your success and I wish I had your courage to take on a full degree with so much on my plate as a mother.

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