DIY Alebrije Inspired by Disney/Pixar’s Coco

Coco is out on Blu-Ray/ DVD/ Digital and we were sent a copy for review. I can’t tell you how excited we were to watch it again. We’ve been singing to the soundtrack non-stop and of course, the movie inspired me to try harder to keep my grandparent’s memory alive. The latest inspiration came from Pepita, the alebrije, spiritual animal.

FUN FACT: The Coco team were so enamored with the vibrant figurines by Pedro Linares, the creator of alebrijes, after visiting Mexico City’s Museo Dolores Olmedo, they vowed to include them in the film one way or another.

My Alebrije would be a pig

If I were to choose my alebrije it would be a cochinito,a little pig. I choose the pig because as a kid my grandmother would always have and gift us, the grandkids, cochinito alcansias, piggy banks. I secretly want to believe that it was then that I was given the sign that this would be my spirit guide, my spirit animal. Like, Pepita, my spirit animal is bright and beautiful. While most alebrijes are made of paper mache and wood carvings I choose a ceramic because my spirit animal is strong but sensitive. How magical to see the little pigs everywhere as a kid. Now, I had to recreate my own.

FUN FACT:Pepita, Mamá Imelda’s spirit guide, is brightly colored and fiercely loyal. Best of all, Pepita is a wildcat with eagle talons and impressive wings.

Familia Friday Movie and a Craft


Tomorrow is familia Fridayfor us and I’m making it a movie night with a craft. Make your own alebrije with these materials:

-ceramic animal- I got a 6pk of these little pigs at Hobby Lobby for under $2

-Sharpie pen- black for details

-Crayola markers-Markers are great for little hands and make no mess but paint is optional too.

Decorate your Alebrije


I added peacock colored wings to my alebrije and I made it pink with trails to show it’s my guiding spirit animal. I left the face of my cochinito simple because the body is what makes it shine. It shouldn’t take much time to dry since we’re using markers.

Chicha my alebrije cochinita


I named my alebrije Chicha after chicharron my tata was famous for making in his huge caso. It was the best and I wanted both the memories of my grandparents to be alive in my little alebrije.

We love Pepita the Alebrije! What would be your spirit guide animal? #cocothemovie #GUBlife Click To Tweet

Pick up Coco for your familia movie night and don’t forget to make your own DIY Alebrijes!


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