Hi GUB friends! Let’s Connect! #askGUB 


We  want to chat with you more often! We loved connecting with a lot of you on youtube and wanted to open up for questions and a chance to chat with you more. If you have a question regarding parenting or mixed family life we are happy to answer to our best ability!


We not only want to answer them via social media but hope your questions inspire us to bring you more content you’ll enjoy.

We’ve been asked about little lady’s hair routine, Little Man’s toy collection, Our favorite recipes, and most recently about what the hubs and I do. We enjoyed sharing our life via vlogmas and love sharing here on the blog as well! We really hope this helps reaching us a little easier. We enjoy being on social media chatting with you our readers and we look forward to connecting.

We’re making it easy just tweet us even if it’s just to say HOLA! We love hearing from all our GUBfriends! 

Send us a tweet! Be sure to use the hashtag #askGUB we’ll be watching! 

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