This is our kids Reality

I usually don’t talk about things like this but after having a conversation with my husband and reading his text message over and over I could only feel scared and heartbroken.

You might have heard in recent news about Trayvon Martin the 17 year old that was killed on Feb 26.

Here is how our conversation went via text messages last night

hubs: “i’m watching news about black kids who got killed…that shows what we have to teach our kids.”

me: not really understanding “to run?” the boy’s girlfriend told him to run home after he disclosed he was being followed, according to her statement “the kid was doing nothing wrong he had gone to store for soda and candy”

hubs:“to be careful where you are”

me: “the man who shot him was a self proclaimed neighborhood watch guy who was told to stop following the person he was calling to report”

hubs: “and that’s the kind of people black kids are taught to look out for” “that’s why growing up i never went places at night”

me: “serious???” “because you are black you couldn’t do things at night???” “it breaks my heart to know this is our kids reality”

hubs: “yep” “cuz people are crazy” “being black is hard” “as a kid you are labeled as a thief as an adult you are labeled as lazy and dead beat and we all live in the city and never been off our block and only way we go places is through sports or radio contest”

me: “heartbroken :(

hubs: “don’t be they will be ok cuz we will teach them”

This conversation weighed heavy on my mind. All i could think of was when and how do you explain these things to your child? How could you possibly protect your child from these types of situations? What clothes or colors keep them away from harm?Can they really not go anywhere at night? Why is our world this way?

I can’t imagine losing a child especially in the way Trayvon’s family lost him.
I stand for a change and I hope justice is found for Trayvon which is why I dressed my kids in hoodies today for the #millionhoodies march for Trayvon Martin

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