Capturing our adventure with our 3DS #3M3DS

Our GUBcation is coming to an end. This time next week we will officially be on a plane back to Jersey. While it’s bittersweet we have a lot of pictures and video to remember our stay with Grandma and Papuchoni.

One of the places I knew we had to visit was Santa Ana Zoo. Not only has it been a special place in my childhood memories but also in my mothers.

We decided to go on a quick adventure yesterday and capture some pretty great memories of our time their with Grandma.

Since Little Man has become quite fond of taking pictures, this was the perfect time for him to use his 3DS and put some magic in our visit.

Little Man used his 3DS to take pictures and video. He was actually much faster at taking pictures than I was. He knew exactly what he wanted to snap and would take 2 or 3 shots. Talk about being like daddy with a camera!

He knew to stand at about 5ft from what he was going to take a picture of and *snap* he moved on to the next thing.

Little Lady loved being the model for Little Man. As you can imagine, she was ready for her shot as soon as Little Man said “Sister, I’m gonna take your picture

Santa Ana Zoo

Little man took some amazing pictures and all with his 3DS. What was super cool was when he took 3D images. Seeing the alligator mouth and the camel in a 3D picture on the 3DS was pretty wild.

Santa Ana Zoo

In the end, It’s important for me as a mom to capture memories. While I may always have my camera on hand, it’s amazing to see an adventure like our zoo visit  from the eyes of my kiddos. I am glad Little Man had his 3DS on hand he took some shots that I definitely would have missed!

For More information on 3D pictures and video with the Nintendo 3DS click here

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for a series of post for Tres Meses de 3DS. However, the above are my true and honest statements.
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