Mario Tennis Open #3M3DS

Mario tennis open #3M3DS

This week we are enjoying Mario Tennis Open on our 3DS. This is the perfect game since the Olympics just started! Since we will be traveling a lot this week this is the perfect activity to keep Little Man entertained.

The game features all of Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends in various game modes. From single game play to multi-player game play with up to 4 players- Online or Local!!!

Our favorite mode of play so far are all the mini games. This is perfect for Little Man because he likes to play different games in a short time. Much like the Mario Kart’s, Mario Tennis Open allows little man to choose short games. Our favorite is the Ring Shot where you have to hit rings when you serve or hit the ball back to earn points.

The games can be played with the option of  motion type play with the gyro sensor controls and touchscreen. This allows much more fun for little ones that are more willing to move around to make this game interactive.

Another cool Mario Tennis feature is the Clubhouse. This is where you can go to see what  accessories and clothing  you can use/unlock through play. Little Man is anxiously waiting to unlock a couple of features so that he can share with his StreetPass friends. All this allows Little Man to really feel like he is playing the game as well as being unique.

Mario tennis open #3M3DS

We can’t wait to see what else Mario Tennis Open has in store for us when we play with cousins in New Jersey!!!

Off we go!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for a series of post for Tres Meses de 3DS. However, the above are my true and honest statements.

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