Home full of love

We are home! I’ve caught myself calling Cali and NJ home these past 2 weeks. It wasn’t til the kids started asking our last week in Cali, when we were going to be HOME with dad, did it hit me that home has become NEW JERSEY. Yes this west coaster has finally embarrassed NJ as home.


Our vacation to Cali was so great. I miss everything about it but it’s not home anymore.

The kids love grandma and papuchoni so much. They had the best time being spoiled by them. I can still hear my parents chuckles as Little Lady or Little Man said or did something silly. Those moments are priceless.
My mom said that for the first time she felt like the kids knew who their grandma and papuchoni were… it kinda made me happy and sad.

I am glad we stayed for 2 whole months.

I loved hearing the kids pick up spanish words from papuchoni “sientate” sit down they hollered. I want NIEVE….please? The request were endless. They even called my brother uncles and my aunts and uncles TIO and TIA.

I think this goodbye was a little harder then last because the kids understand what is happening. As excited as they were to leave to see daddy. This morning they asked for everyone including cookie my parents dog.

It’s hard explaining to everyone including my kids why we are so far from everyone we love. When we are in cali we miss our east coast family and friends and now once again being home we miss everyone in cali.

Being one of the first in my Mexican family to move far away from “home” and everything  i’ve known has been challenging. I don’t think it ever gets easier. I look forward to many more visits to see the family and friends.

One thing I know will always remain the same is the love my family has for us. We maybe home now but boy are we full of love!

We miss you all so much!

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